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    Covariance methods in nonlinear model identification
    cover (a play about trafficking) The power of creating performative auto/ethnographies in a theatre community
    Cover crop practices in Missouri claypan soils and their influences on selected soil health indicators
    Cover crops: an alternative practice to improve soil physical properties and soil water dynamics
    Covering the bases: variations in the arguments to justify publicly-funded baseball stadiums
    CPLA2: key enzyme for astroctytic cell membrane phase property change induced by abeta
    Craft Christianity: Christianity and craft beer America
    Crash severity modeling in transportation systems
    Creating a culture :
    Creating an effective educational environment for adult learners: a qualitative, multi-case study of off-campus center administrator's use of invitational leadership
    Creation of brand equity in the Chinese clothing market
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods
    Creativity and change : how experience, environment and approach to creating advertisements have evolved for copywriters
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers : do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility?
    The credible brand model: the effects of ideological congruency and customer-based brand equity on media and message credibility
    Crime against the body : an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news
    Crime in the city : understanding geospatial relationships among crime and the urban landscape
    Criminal behavior patterns of adolescents and young adults who have histories of sexual offenses
    The criminalization of tattooing in Oklahoma: an application of Clegg's circuits of power
    The crisis autobiography: Augustine, Rousseau, and Wordsworth