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    Economical learning
    Economical synthesis of carbon nanoparticles
    Ediciones Vigía books in art and cultural history
    Editing for taste in a 24-hour news cycle : balancing immediacy and sensationalism against the role of the journalist in the case of Nodar Kumaritashvili
    Editorial personality: factors that make editorial writers successful
    The education of noble girls in medieval France: Vincent of Beauvais and De eruditione filiorum nobilium
    Educational entrepreneurism in higher education: a comparative case study of two academic centers within one land-grant university
    An educational tool for the material point method
    The effect of a morphological awareness intervention on early writing outcomes
    The effect of age and condition on the mineral composition of the ash of the bovine
    The effect of an online academic integrity tutorial on student perceptions of cheating
    Effect of antimicrobial agents on physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of ready-to-eat bologna
    The effect of augmented reality and virtual reality interfaces on epistemic actions and the creative process
    The effect of avatars on perceived credibility of comments posted to online news stories
    The effect of big four office size on audit quality
    Effect of bioprotectants on turkey sausage
    The effect of brand name congruity and product category on consumers' attitudes toward brand names
    The effect of calcium carbonate of certain soil constituents and on plant growth
    Effect of chip thickness, sub-critical bifurcations and process parameters in high-speed milling
    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies