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    Effect of zinc oxide and silver nanoparticles on intestinal bacteria
    Effective leadership traits identified through protestant clergy leader conversations
    Effective source separation algorithm using NMF and sparse NMF for acoustic fall detection
    Effective spokespersons on Twitter: experimenting with how profile gender & network size impact user perceptions of credibility and social attraction
    Effective teacher leadership: a quantitative study of the relationship between school structures and effective teacher leaders
    The effective use of music and branding in shaping consumer behavior
    The effectiveness of a targeted Title I pre-kindergarten program
    Effectiveness of advanced stay strong stay healthy in community settings
    Effectiveness of health messages based on the transtheoretical model from a public campaign perspective
    Effectiveness of participatory approaches in sustainable rural development: analyzing case studies in Uzbekistan
    The effectiveness of the practice of correction and republication of the biomedical literature : a bibliometric analysis
    Effectiveness of work zone intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
    Effects and interactions of endocrine disrupting chemicals and diet on the mouse reproductive system
    Effects of a combined supercritical extraction/thermal cycle on binder removal cycle time, yield, residual carbon, and defect formation in multilayer ceramic capacitors
    Effects of a commercial feed additive on production losses during acute heat stress conditions in mid-lactation Holstein dairy cows
    Effects of a consortia probiotic inoculant on soil microorganisms and impacts on autoinducers employed in quorum sensing
    Effects of a metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 positive allosteric modulator, CDPPB, on spatial learning in rodents
    Effects of a patient's name and image on medical knowledge acquisition
    The effects of a protein-rich breakfast on glucose metabolism in overweight/obese late adolescent girls
    Effects of a self-care deficit nursing theory-designed nursing system on sympton control in children with asthma