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    Domestic tragedy between 1590 and 1642
    Domesticating the citizen: household authority, the merchant class family and the early modern stage
    Domesticating the Empire: women writers and colonial discourse in late eighteenth-century British literature
    Dominant substrates used by methanogens in hypersaline environments
    Donor relations and stewardship and their relationship to private philanthropy in universities
    Dopamine and emotion processing in schizotypal anhedonia
    Dosimetric Properties and Radiation Hardness of the Storage Phosphor Europium Doped Potassium Chloride for Radiation Therapy Dosimetry
    Dosimetry to evaluate the effect of Phosphoromidon on Lu-177-RM2
    Double expressions in the speeches of Sallust
    Double jeopardy in the long tail: measuring the internet in a fragmented, niche subcultural age
    Double pelvic osteotomy for the treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs
    Downstream chitin signaling mediated by CERK1 in Arabidopsis
    Dramatic conflict: exploring interactive theatre as a pedagogical tool for addressing issues of heterosexism in the educational system
    The dramatic structure of Shakespeare's plays
    Drink Bleach: The Anti State of Mind
    Drinking in Real Life as an Example of How Expectations Color Experiences
    The drive to improve : a quantitative study of the relationship between professional learning communities and teacher motivation
    Drivers of tree community composition and seed demography in Serengeti National Park - Tanzania
    Drug resistance in D. discoideum: isolation of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide resistant mutants
    The drunken self: the five-factor model as an organizational framework for charcterizing one's own drunkenness