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    DNA methylation in the early porcine embryo
    Do first and second year teachers feel prepared?: an evaluation of a standards based teacher preparation program
    Do industry specialist auditors enforce more conservative recognition of long-lived asset impairments?
    Do readers believe what they see?: reader acceptance of image manipulation
    Do role models matter?: exploring the correlates of motivational and imitative role modeling by professionals
    Documentation of Missouri white-tailed deer chronoclines: implications for archaeology, paleoecology, and conservation biology
    does agency structure matter?
    Does CEO tenure influence corporate bond rating properties?
    Does Difference Make a Difference? Women Foreign Policy Leaders and State Conflict Behavior
    Does ego threat increase paranoia?
    Does hangover have an acute impact on future drinking?
    Does history repeat itself? : Impact of climate on floral resources for bumble bees then and now
    Does it matters who pays? : an analysis of the relationship between department revenue mix and department faculty perceptions of organizational effectiveness
    Does one test fit all? The effects of state-mandated assessments on students with special needs
    Does securities regulation improve transparency? : an examination of the effects of EU's transparency directive on stock price informativeness, crash risk, and financial reporting quality
    Does the number of Facebook 'likes' influence how users perceive humorous pictures shared on Facebook?
    Domain-concept mining: an efficient on-demand data mining approach
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and networks in visual and auditory working memory
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and neural networks in visual and auditory working memory
    Domestic tragedy between 1590 and 1642