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    A 3D-imaging system for phenotyping of root systems in hydroponic substrate [1]
    4 day school week [1]
    4D printing of stimulus-responsive polymeric materials [1]
    5S : a workplace case study [1]
    6- and 10-month-old infants' intermodal representation of numerical ratios [1]
    6-Thioguanine and zebularine globally demethylate a canine lyphoma cell line [1]
    A 750 KJ sequentially-fired pulse forming network for a helical coil electromagnetic launcher [1]
    8 weeks supplementation of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate reduced postprandial inflammation in overweight/obese, but otherwise healthy, women [1]
    9 to 5 feces on fart and crass : subverting society's segregative structures [1]
    Ab initio molecular dynamics study of nanoscale heat transfer and energy conversion [1]
    Aberrant DNA methylation of RUN domain containing 3B in lymphoid malignancies [1]
    Aberrant DNA methylationof RUN domain containing 3B in lymphoid malignancies [1]
    Abiding in the fields : pastoral care and society in late antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England [1]
    The ability of an extinguished CS and a CS given conditioned inhibition training to pass tests for inhibition [1]
    Abjection and order : the grotesque aesthetic in Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and Dawn, and Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills [1]
    Abortion decision-making and the impact of the 72-hour waiting period [1]
    Abscisic acid : interactions with auxin in the regulation of root growth under water deficit conditions [1]
    Abscisic acid: interactions with ethylene and reactive oxygen species in the regulation of root growth under water deficit [1]
    Absences as causes : a defense of negative causation [1]
    Absolute continuity of parabolic measure and the initial-dirichlet problem [1]