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    Generation of graphite particles by abrasion and their characterization
    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization
    Generation, collection and characterization of nanoparticles and their diffusion in arbitrary tumor and normal tissue geometry
    Generational shifts and the creation of political selves: a focus group investigation
    Genetic and environmental influences on impulsivity and coping motives for alcohol across emerging and young adulthood
    Genetic and maternal effects on neonatal survival in the western lowland gorilla
    Genetic and neuronal systems that are critical for high temperature avoidance in reflexive and learned behaviors
    A genetic approach to determine river otter abundance in Missouri
    Genetic architecture of the seed stearic acid trait in Soybean : QTL mapping and correlations with ten other traits using next-generation sequencing methods
    Genetic basis of isoflavone accumulation during soybean seed development: special focus on water-deficit conditions
    Genetic engineering of sorghum and switchgrass for improved biofuel production
    Genetic engineering of soybean using candidate genes to improve drought tolerance
    Genetic Influences on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors
    Genetic mapping of salt tolerance gene in soybean cultivar Fiskeby III
    Genetic variation and population structure in the endangered Houston toad in contrast to its common sympatric relative, the coastal plain toad
    Genetic variation in the exome: associations with alcohol and tobacco co-use
    Genetics and functional genomics of abscission
    Genetics of soybean seed lipoxygenases and linolenic acid content in seeds of the soybean wild ancestor
    Genome data analysis, protein function and structure prediction by machine learning techniques
    Genome evolution in monocots