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    The importance of undergraduate's computer competency and information literacy skills: marketing faculty's perspectives in Thailand
    The impression of humor: Mary Cassatt and her rendering of wit
    Impressions and Characters: Travel Writing and Narration in the Novel from Victorian to Modern
    Improve small RNA-mediated gene silencing in soybean by using GmFAD3 as a test model
    Improved computational methods of protein sequence alignment, model selection and tertiary structure prediction
    Improved contact design for the SiC photo-switch used in high power applications
    Improved functional properties and health benefits of whey protein by interaction with polysaccharides
    Improved geo-referencing and prescreening for detection of buried explosive hazards in forward-looking infrared imagery
    An Improved Method for the Qualitative Separation and Determination of the Lead, Barium, and Strontium Ions
    Improved phosphorus removal in wastewater through combined bacterial and algal treatment
    Improvement in stored forage utilization during feeding
    Improvement of Biochemistry 2002 through experimental modification and organization of course materials
    Improvement of decoding engine & phonetic decision tree in acoustic modeling for online large vocabulary conversational speech recognition
    Improvement of feed efficiency in beef cattle through selection upon residual feed intake (RFI)
    Improving fiber by-product utilization in high concentrate diets
    Improving performance for adaptive filtering with voice applications
    Improving soybean seed composition through molecular breeding for raffinose family oligosaccharides, lectin, and trypsin inhibitors
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination : introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination: introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    Improving the person-environment congruence for an office setting