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    Food nutrients required for maintenance of brood sows and for growth of pigs to weaning time
    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants
    Foods eye view : using participant-generated data, and creative nonfiction to explore the extent and current scope of urban agriculture in Saint Paul, MN and barriers therto
    For better or worse?: the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity
    For good work do they wish to kill him?: narrative critique of the Acts of Pilte
    For whom does participation matter and why?: the earnings of former college athletes
    Force control of a hydraulic servo system
    Forced convection in nanofluids over a flat plate
    Fore ðære mærðe mod astige: two new perspectives on the Old English Gifts of men
    Forecasted versus in situ dielectric constants for soil
    Forecasting county-level unemployment accounting for spatial correlation
    Forecasting unemployment with spatial correlation
    Foreign exchange and foreign banking of America as it is related to American business
    Foreign occupation and the development of Filipino nationalism
    Forest fire risk modeling of the Mark Twain National Forest
    Forest harvest effects on soil chemical properties and nutrient concentrations in Ozark Highland soils
    Forgetting in short term memory: the effect of time
    Formal analysis of pilot error using agent safety logic
    The formal definition of reference priors under a general class of divergence
    A formal evaluation of storm type versus storm motion