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    Friends in high places: ecology of mycorrhizal associations in alpine plant communities
    From box suppers and card games to vineyards and viewscapes: community discourse in the exurban American west
    From carbon to copper: studies of novel nanomaterials
    From communist to capitalist industrial policy: policy-making during late socialism, transition and EU capitalism
    From controversial to compatible: newspaper editors' views on the value of reporter beat blogs
    From developmental biology to tissue-engineering: printing blood vessels
    From Gastarbeiter to Muslims: representations of Turkish migrants in West Germany from 1961-1989
    From Hattie to Halle: an autoethnographic exploration of a black actress performing weight loss
    From living apart, to living-apart-together :
    From loom to laundry: cloth finishers in the Roman city
    From Lunatic Woodhull to Polarizing Palin : a historical-diachronic media discourse analysis of women political pioneers
    From Mission to Measurement: Advancing Postsecondary Academic Advising Assessment and Practice through Evaluating Program Theory and Outcomes
    From Norwegian invasion to Anglo-Saxon Rebellion : forging memories of Conquest England, c. 1066-1235
    From service design to delivery: integrating marketing and operations in the service unit
    From Stonewall to Millennium: Lesbian Representation in Three Representative Late 20th-Century Plays by American Women.
    From the margins to the majority: portrayal of hispanic immigrants in the Garden Ciy (Kan.) Telegram, 1980-2000
    From trade to international conflict: seeking empirical and theoretical convergence
    The front in flux : examining the relationship between African American population and front-page news depictions
    The frontier myth and the frontier thesis in contemporary genre fiction
    Frustrated desire and controlling fictions: the natural world in ancient pastoral literature and art