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    Hierarchical modeling of nonlinear multivariate spatio-temporal dynamical systems in the presence of uncertainty
    Hierarchical nonlinear, multivariate, and spatially-dependent time-frequency functional methods
    Hierarchical physical-statistical forecasting in the atmospheric sciences
    Hierarchical scheduling and uniform access programming frameworks for hetergeneous CPU-GPU computing clusters
    Hierarchical spatio-temporal models for ecological processes
    Hierarchical spatio-temporal models for environmental processes
    High accuracy in 3D reconstruction by fusion of IMU and imaging data: application in health medicine
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system
    High performance ultra wide band patch antenna design with minimized optimization parameters
    High pressure spectroscopic studies of organic device materials
    High quality professional development school: a case study of a leadership team's processes and actions
    High school physical education and sport participation: impact on young adult physical activity behaviors
    High school principal communication and organizational knwoledge [sic] creation
    High strain properties of advanced high strength spot welded steels
    High strain rate behavior of graphene reinforced polyurethane composites
    High throughput profiling of transcription factors involved in soybean root growth under water deficit
    High valent uranium dioxo and imido complexes: synthesis and structure
    A high voltage piezoelectric transformer for active interrogation
    High-accuracy skin lesion segmentation and size determination
    High-speed non-invasive thermal analysis of high-power light-emitting diode arrays