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    Improving performance for adaptive filtering with voice applications
    Improving road striping operations through system optimization
    Improving soybean seed composition through molecular breeding for raffinose family oligosaccharides, lectin, and trypsin inhibitors
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination : introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    Improving the person-environment congruence for an office setting
    Improving the usability and utilization of cancer registry data: the need to identify a core data set
    Improving traffic flow conditions for interstate work-zones: evaluation of three traffic control devices
    In her own words : Connie Regan-Blake, the foremother of the festival-based American storytelling revival
    In silico study of legume and legume-type lectins
    In Sullivan's shadow: the use and abuse of libel law during the Civil Rights Movement
    In the permanent collection : poems
    In the silence of her friends: a case study of the intersection of gender, race, age, and leadership in the dismissal of a public school superintendent
    In The Zone: An Investigation into Physical Activity during Recess on Traditional Versus Zoned Playgrounds
    In vitro and ex vivo therapeutic strategies for equine corneal fibrosis
    In vitro and in vivo approaches to tumor targeting by phage display
    In vitro characterization of Nudt16 orthologs by sequence and function provide evidence supporting a nuclear RNA degradation pathway
    In vitro evaluation of veterinary and human suture anchors in metaphyseal bone of the canine tibia
    In vitro synovial fibrochondrogenesis for meniscal tissue engineering
    In vitro three dimensional biomechanical comparison of two internal fixation methods in equine adult radii
    The (in)visibility of race, class, and gender: workers' standpoints on the transformation of Missouri's child welfare policy