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    Initial juvenile movement of pond-breeding amphibians in altered forest habitat
    Initial movements and disturbance response of a newly reintroduced elk herd in the Missouri Ozarks
    The innate immune response and toll-like receptors in the human endometrium
    Innate immunity in Arabidopsis: molecular mechanisms of HOPA1 and AVRRS4 - specific disease resistance signaling pathways
    Innovative design of metamaterial structures for elastic wave absorption and structural vibration suppression
    Inquiry-based instruction implementation: a district's learning experience through teacher input
    Insidious role of complacency in business-to-business relationships
    Insights into media messaging on Tobacco 21 health policy
    Insights into phototropic signaling: a study of the unusual attributes of a hyper-phototropic mutant
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri
    Insights into understanding malaria parasite biology: characterization of the Plasmodium protein, MAL13P1.319
    Institutional effects on grain producer price-risk management behavior: a comparative study across the United States and South Africa
    Institutional influences affecting the college-going decisions of low-income mothers attending a rural midwestern community college
    The institutionalization of FERPA policy : an inquiry of the implementation, communication and knowledge creation processes at a Midwest HBCU
    Institutions and instability?: a neo-institutional analysis of state economic volatility
    Institutions and issues: explaining radical right party existence and support in Europe, 1980-2005
    Instructional decisions guided by student performance: the case of an exemplary elementary science teacher
    Instructional designers' experience in online course migration for virtual school K-12 students: an interpretative phenomenological case study
    An instructional leader's evaluation of mixed practice and blocked practice in high school mathematics
    The instructional practice selection process as perceived by communication arts teachers in Missouri public middle schools