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    An investigation of thundersnow environment differences between the Phoenix metropolitan area and Columbia, MO from an analytical and modeling perspective
    Investigation upon the nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and ash content of three beef animals, with special study upon the forms of sulfur
    Investigations from the ribcage: the (dis)embodied order of safety, children, and the problematics of public school policy practice
    Investigations into the cause of pollen abortion in maize CMS-C
    Investigations into the chemistry of protein tyrosine phosphatase redox regulation
    Investigations of novel hydrogen adsorption phenomena
    Investigations of rural conditions in Boone County, Missouri, as related to the county farm adviser
    Investigations on complement fixation in hog cholera
    An investigative approach to explore optimum assembly process design for annular targets carrying leu foil
    Investigative study of long-term packaging effects and donor characteristics on acellular dermis scaffolds
    The investment horizon issue in user-owned organizations
    Investor publications' reporting on the Great Recession of 2007-2009
    Invitational leadership in public schools
    Involvement of mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) in porcine gametogenesis and preimplantation embryo development
    Inwiefern Lessing in seinem wortschaftz vom modernen neuhochdeutschen sprachgebrauch abweicht
    Ion dependent stability of RNA three-way junction and DNA triple helices
    Ion transport modeling for retinal rod photoreceptor cells
    Ion-induced graphite radiation damage
    Ion-selective electrodes for simultaneous real-time analysis for soil macronutrients
    Irish newspapers and the Spanish Civil War