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    Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase and ubiquitin as potential fertility markers in boars
    Arauco domado de Lope de Vega: etica y estetica
    Architecting the spatial enablement of a film location database for enhanced geographic analysis and query
    Architects and the design of ordinary single-family houses in the United States: the American Institute of Architects and the Architects' Small House Service Bureau
    Architectural coin types: reflections of Roman society
    Architectural collages: urban images in Las Vegas hotel/casinos and their production of place
    Archival evidence on bias in auditors' assessment of client risk and the consequences for audit fees and auditor changes
    Archosaur hip joint anatomy and its significance in body size and locomotor evolution
    Are structural changes in the agri-food sector causing the instability of parochial ag-producers?
    Are women barking up the wrong tree?: A case study of the experiences of women majoring in forest resources
    Argument quality in Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting
    Aristotle on happiness: a comparison with Confucius
    Armillaria species in the Missouri Ozarks forests
    Ars coquinaria: a study of early Roman cooking wares and their uses
    Arsenic adsorption onto iron-chitosan composite from drinking water
    Arsenic for potential diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy
    Arsenic rejection by membrane processes: model development and application
    Arsenic speciation of swine urine for possible use in human exposure assessments
    Art as an interpretation of history during the Hellenistic Age
    Art directors' perceptions of the audience in U.S. magazines from 2009-2012