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    Automated vector-vector and vector-imagery geospatial conflation [1]
    Automated video processing and scene understanding for intelligent video surveillance [1]
    Automatic detection of explosive devices in infrared imagery using texture with adaptive background mixture models [1]
    Automatic explosive hazard detection in FL-LWIR and FL-GPR data [1]
    Automatic extraction of man-made objects from high-resolution satellite imagery by information fusion [1]
    Automating database curation with workflow technology [1]
    Automating traffic studies at modern roundabouts: a feasibility study [1]
    Autonomous orientation and self-differentiation [1]
    Autonomy development and the influence of temperament [1]
    Available [1]
    Avian nest survival and breeding density in cottonwood plantations and native forest fragments in southeast Missouri [1]
    Avian Population Responses to Anthropogenic Landscape Changes in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia [1]
    An axisymmetric interfacial tracking model for melting-vaporization-resolidification in a thin metal film irradiated by pico to femtosecond pulse lasers [1]
    Ayp building level accountability profiles: Missouri public schools 2004-2005 [1]
    Aza-analogues of distyrylbenzene (DSB) synthesis, structures, and properties of 1,4-phenylenediamine bisimines (PDABI) [1]
    Azelnidipine Attenuates Inflammatory Responses, Siperoxide and Relevant Signaling Pathways Induced by Amyloid-beta in Mouse Cerebral Endothelial Cells [1]
    Bacteria concerned in the making of salt-rising bread. [1]
    Bacteriophage display selections of ovarian cancer avid peptides [1]
    The balance between plant immunity and development: interactions of SRFR1 and TCP transcription factors [1]
    A balancing act: negotiating the teacher roles of instructor and participant during a high school literature discussion unit [1]