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    The art of persuasion: critiquing China's new middle class by multi-perspective storytelling mode
    "The art of printing shall endure": journalism, community, and identity in New York City, 1800-1810
    The art of recoverying: benchmarking and identity salvaging among injured athletes
    The arterial system of a pig embryo
    The article of the legislature in the Missouri Constitution of 1875
    The article on the executive in the Missouri Constitution of 1875
    Articulated learning trajectories related to the development of algebraic thinking that follow from patterning concepts in middle grades mathematics
    Artifacts and fantasy
    Artificial intelligence techniques for modeling dynamic traffic behavior at bottlenecks
    The artistic crafts in the public schools
    Assemblage structure and shallow-water habitat use by small-bodied fishes at lower Missouri River sandbars
    Assessing "lithic sound" to predict a rock's ease of flaking
    Assessing assessment: how use of the concept of inventory of natural selection influences the instructional practices of an experienced biology professor and supplemental instruction leader
    Assessing grassland distributions and spatio-temporal variations in the U.S. Great Plains with MODIS imagery
    Assessing impacts and targeting of agricultural conservation practices
    Assessing multilevel construct validity with latent variable modeling: validating school-level inferences in college base
    Assessing prisoner identity and redefining victimless crimes: an analysis of prisoners at Boonville Corrections Center
    Assessing single- and dual-process accounts of recognition memory using hierarchical Bayesian models
    Assessing student teacher perceptions of preparedness using a dialogic evaluation process: a pilot study
    Assessing the associative deficit of older adults in long-term and short-term/working memory