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    Knowledge construction, social identity and social network structure in completely online groups
    Knowledge convergence in collaborative concept mapping among radiographic physics undergraduates
    Knowledge discovery and data mining from freeway section traffic data
    Knowledge of copyright issues and strategies used in solving copyright queries among academic librarians in Kenya
    Knowledge representation and exchange of visual patterns using semantic abstractions
    Knowledge-based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
    Knowledge-driven multidimensional indexing for content-based information retrieval
    Kolosalno! There Is Something Here...Power, Energy, The Future! Haunting, Steel, Progress, And The Urban Religious Landscape
    Korean ece teachers' strategies for addressing challenging behavior
    Kosovo's developing free press: how do newspapers in a transitioning society behave under international supervision and what role do they play in local elections?
    Kurt Schwitters' An Anna Blume and the gendered politics of printmaking in Weimar Germany
    L'Auguste Autrichienne : representations of Marie-Antoinette in 19th century French literature and history
    l'Ecorce grossiere, l'ame aristocrate : literary representations of Cajuns in Francophone Louisiana, nineteenth century to present
    A labor allocation model for zone order picking systems
    The labor of action for the operation of truth: the phenomenology and dramatic Platonism of Meisner technique as refined and extended by William Esper
    Labor union communication: effect of labor media on local union vote choice
    Laboratory load tests of side shear for axially loaded piles
    Lacan and the posthuman: prosthetic body in the works of Andy Warhol and David Cronenberg
    The Land Capability Potential Index: a decision support tool for the management of Missouri River floodplain habitat