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    Modeling, design and control of forced-feedback metering poppet valve system
    Modeling, simulation, and stability of a hydraulic load-sensing pump system with investigation of a hard nonlinearity in the pump displacement control system
    Modeling, verification, optimal design of nonlinear valve spring
    Models and algorithms for complex system optimization problems :|applications to hospital layout and LED traffic signal maintenance
    Models of neuronal subcircuits in the crustacean cardiac ganglion and the mammalian perirhinal cortex
    The moderating role of maternal supervision in the social ecology of children's unintentional injuries
    The moderating role of social support on the relationship of maternal stress and infants birth weight of pregnant smokers : a secondary data analysis
    Modern control design for a variable displacement hydraulic pump
    Modification of fatty acid composition in soybean seeds to improve soybean oil quality and functionality
    Modification of host and bacterial proteomes during host-pathogen interactions
    Modification of materials for high oxidation resistance
    Modification of nano and micro-phase diamond powder for enhancement of hydrogen storage
    The modification of PVDF hollow fiber membrane via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP)
    Modification of thin film composite (TFC) membrane by incorporation with copper nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) for antibacterial properties
    Modified polyamide fiber for arsenic adsorption
    Modified Tabu search to solve complex, continuous-variable problems through gradient analysis and contour jumps
    Modulation domain processing and speech phase spectrum in speech enhancement
    Modulation of the ACTH response to stress by IL-6, nitric oxide, diet and exercise
    Molecular and cell biological studies of mammalian zinc transporters
    Molecular and genetic studies of iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis