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    Model-based simulations of the piercing process in piezo-ICSI
    A model-based, generative and stochastic method for human motion capture using hierarchical particle filters
    Modeling a hydraulic hybrid drivetrain: efficiency considerations
    Modeling and analysis of a portable, solid-state neutron detection system for spectroscopic applications
    Modeling and analysis of nonlinear biological systems
    Modeling and control of arterial oxygen saturation in premature infants
    Modeling and evaluation of EML rail cooling methods through finite element analysis
    Modeling and experimental study of polyurethane foaming reactions
    Modeling and maximum theoretical efficiencies of linearly graded alphavoltaic and betavoltaltaic cells
    A modeling approach to ultrasound evaluation of material properties
    Modeling EAA requirement and developing low fishmeal diet for yellow perch
    Modeling forest transition pathways for decision making in private forestry
    Modeling historic, current, and available aboveground forest biomass along the Missouri River corridor
    Modeling network vulnerability over space and time
    Modeling of delayed fluorescence from photosystem II and applications in assessment of drought and chemical stresses
    Modeling of environmental effects on thermal detection of subsurface damage for concrete bridges
    Modeling of hierarchical cathode for lithium air batteries with aqueous electrolyte
    Modeling of molecular and particulate transport in dry spent nuclear fuel canisters
    Modeling of phototransduction in vision systems
    Modeling of selective laser sintering of single-component metal powders