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    Maladaptation of cardiac and skeletal muscle in chronic disease: effects of exercise
    A man ain't nothin but a man
    Man on extremely small island
    Management alternatives for urea use in corn and wheat production
    Management impacts on GHG emissions and yield for an organic soybean crop
    Management of annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) using post-emergence herbicides and plant growth regulators
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems
    Management practice effects on corn grain ethanol yield and ethanol byproduct quality
    Managing "Amazonia": a cultural case study of female leadership at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
    Managing in an era of accountability
    Managing sweet sorghum for optimum ethanol yield in Missouri
    managing switchgrass for biomass production and summer grazing
    Managing uncertainty during unemployment : a phenomenological exploration of social class differences
    Managing Unemployment: A Comparative, Critical Ethnographic Analysis Of Unemployment Organizations
    Manganese nutrition and photosynthesis in NAD-malic enzyme C-4 plants
    The Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, research on the health effects of radioactive materials, and tests on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis, 1945-1970
    The manual arts as an illustrative factor in history and geography in the upper grades
    Manual process productivity measurement: for Pre-registration Department in University of Missouri Healthcare
    Manufacturing a personage: photography and American literary celebrity, 1839-1860
    Manure management using precision agriculture