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    A little birdie told me: Diffusion and implementation of the innovation of Twitter in American metropolitan newsrooms
    Little bits and pieces: the process of revealing sexual information in close mother-daughter relationships
    The little match girl
    The lived experience of Asian international students in online learning environments in higher education
    The lived experience of nurse mentors: mentoring nurses in the profession
    The lived experience of teaching literacy to English language learners among experienced, mainstream, elementary teachers using a coculturation perspective
    The lived experiences of individuals who have been technologically stalked by a past intimate : a hermeneutic phenomenological study through a Communication Privacy Management Theory lens
    The lives of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in French stained glass
    the lives of saints and other alliterative works by Ælfric of Eynsham
    Living acts of semiosis: John Dewey's model of esthetic experience as key to a temporal theory of signs
    Living faith by seeking justice: practicing faith through activism in a faith and labor coalition
    Living in the digital divide : the lived experience of students without access to computers & the internet
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts at the service limit state
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using SPT and TCP measurements
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using Standard Penetration Test and Texas Cone Penetration test measurements
    Load transfer in micropiles for slope stabilization from tests of large-scale physical models
    Load transfer in reticulated and non-reticulated micropiles from large-scale tests
    Local journalism beyond the command post : journalists as strategic communicators and citizen stakeholders in natural disaster recovery
    Local learning algorithms with application to action recognition and video analysis
    Local photodynamic therapy for equine squamous cell carcinoma in a murine model