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    Multiuser TDMA channel estimation
    Municipal government in St. Joseph, Missouri
    Municipal organization in Missouri, an historical study of the legislation affecting cities and towns
    MUPrimer: a tool for finding allele specific PCR-primers for homologous gene sequences
    Murine theiloviruses: characterization and pathogenesis of enteric and disseminated disease
    The mutual shaping of technology in a news establishment: social journalism and organizational change
    My America
    My hands, remembering
    The myth of monetary surrogacy: the geographical logic of campaign contributions in state legislative campaigns
    Mythology of Propertius
    Naive Bayes algorithm for Twitter sentiment analysis and its implementation in MapReduce
    Nam mihi carmen erit Christi vitalia gesta: book one of the Evangeliorum libri iv of Juvencus and the evolution of Latin epic in late antiquity
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis
    Nanocomposites : characterization and applications towards electrical energy storage devices
    Nanocomposites: characterization and applications towards electrical energy storage devices
    Nanogap embedded silver gratings for surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence
    Nanogap embedded TiO2 photonic crystals for enhanced fluorescence and surface dielctrophoreis of DNA
    Nanomaterial surface modification for heat-transfer nanofluid and electrochemical DNA biosensor development
    Nanomechanical property characterization of femoral head materials
    Nanoparticle mediated ablation of breast cancer cells using a nanosecond pulsed electric field