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    Motivational use of Twitter
    Motivations and impression management: predictors of social networking site use and user behavior
    Motivations and sensation seeking behind recreational storm chasers in the United States
    Motive and reflection
    Motive, mode and satisfaction with e-tailing sites: a technology acceptance perspective
    Motives for savings and portfolio choice: evidence from micro-data for Japan
    Motor learning in children with an autism spectrum disorder
    Motor neuron output in the crustacean cardiac ganglion is organized and maintained by homeostatic conductance relationships
    Motor unit characterization in canine degenerative myelopathy :
    A mouse model of embolic focal ischemic stroke for investigation of anti-thrombotic therapies
    Movement and learning in lecture classroooms
    Movement ecology of juvenile pond-breeding salamanders: implications for the management and conservation of amphibian populations
    Movement, habitat use, and spawning characteristics of flathead and blue catfish on the lower Missouri River and tributaries
    Moving beyond color: addressing four barriers and implementing strategies to achieve equitable learning opportunities for all students in urban public school systems
    Moving up or moving out: new job demands, ability to cope and burnout among television news producers and executive producers
    MSM photodiode as the switching element in a photoswitch-based class E microwave power amplifier
    Mu-synthesis controller design for temperature control of a solar steam gasifier with uncertainty modeling and robust analysis
    Multi-attribute decision making: a test on the impact of data attributes dependency
    A multi-case examination of the impact of national board certification on the teaching profession
    A multi-configuration evaluation of the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) in a mixed land use watershed in the central U.S.A.