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    Bayesian smoothing spline analysis of variance models [1]
    Bayesian spatial analysis with application to the Missouri Ozark Forest ecosystem project [1]
    Bayesian spatial data analysis with application to the Missouri Ozark forest ecosystem project [1]
    Bayesian spatial models for adjusting nonresponse in small area estimation [1]
    Bayesian variable selection in parametric and semiparametric high dimensional survival analysis [1]
    Beautiful choral tone quality rehearsal techniques of a director [1]
    The beautiful woman in medieval Iberia: rhetoric, cosmetics, and evolution [1]
    The beauty of celebrity endorsements: a study on audience reception of celebrity endorsed cosmetics with a view through the lens of upper-class and middle-class women [1]
    Becoming a feminist director in the academy [1]
    Becoming good girls and useful citizens: growing up poor, black, and female in Jim Crow era Missouri, 1909-1944 [1]
    Beef chuck muscle isolation has no effect on premium ground beef programs [1]
    Beginning's ends: new senses of ending and the eighteenth-century novel [1]
    A behavior genetic study of self-harm, suicidality, and personality in white and African-American women [1]
    Behavioral and physiological phenotype of the viable yellow mouse (AVY/a) [1]
    Behavioral choice and demographic consequences of wood frog habitat selection in response to land use [1]
    Behavioral endocrinology of female gray treefrogs, Hyla versicolor, in response to acoustic stimulation [1]
    A behavioral feedback-based intervention to improve medication adherence in older adults with hypertension [1]
    "Behind closed doors": a feminist analysis of senior citizen sexual communication [1]
    Bela Bartok and the Pro-Musica Society: a chronicle of piano recitals in eleven American cities during his 1927-1928 tour [1]
    Beliefs about intergenerational assistance following divorce and remarriage: does race and ethnicity matter? [1]