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    Investigation of a spatial optical pulse collection system in the all-optical analog-to-digital converter
    Investigation of adsorption-related properties of potassium hydroxide activated carbon and its derivatives design, experimental analysis, and modeling of multiple battery chemistries
    An investigation of African American socialization influences on gender satisfaction as measured by the Noel-Levitz Inventory at selected peer, regional universities
    Investigation of an invasive crayfish and its relation to two imperiled native crayfishes; anthropogenic influences, multi-scale habitat associations, and conservation options
    Investigation of antiviral strategies targeting Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I (HIV-1)
    An investigation of automatic affective processing : behavioral correlates in schizophrenia and neural correlates in healthy adults
    Investigation of battery materials and sonic enhancements
    Investigation of ethnic food safety: microbiological and consumer behavioral approaches
    Investigation of fanless PCs: design and optimization
    An investigation of farm land credit
    An investigation of farm or dairy buttermaking : dissertation
    An investigation of flow and IZOF utilization of FSS-2
    Investigation of flow behavior inside ejector pumps using finite difference technique
    An investigation of how students, faculty, and administrators within a particular liberal arts college perceived a new-student orientation program's effect on students' social integration and retention
    Investigation of K₀ NAA at MURR and investigation of the toenail as a biomonitor for Mg, Zn, Cu, Se and Hg
    Investigation of load transfer models for recycled plastic reinforcement for slope stabilization
    An investigation of maize B chromosome-derived minichromosomes
    Investigation of materials and convection for lithium sulfur batteries
    Investigation of mechanical behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam reinforced with carbon nanotubes under dynamic loadings
    An investigation of mentor and program characteristics associated with mentor perception of relationship quality