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    Influence of Manganese and other micronutrients on soybean yield and seed quality
    The influence of mRNA secondary structures on ribosome conformational dynamics
    The influence of nanofiller particle size and surface treatment on dental composite
    The influence of organizational culture and power on status : how it is manifested in the open office
    The influence of paternal autonomy-support upon ethnic culture identification among second-generation immigrants
    The influence of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) for teaching macroevolution on student outcomes in a general education biology course
    The influence of peers on fraternity behaviors : the role of social norming and masculinity
    Influence of perfectionism on career decision self-efficacy and vocational outcome expectation among Asian American college students
    The influence of positive mood and extraversion on different aspects of cognitive control
    The influence of principal gender, teachers' years of experience, and retention on teacher perceptions of principal leadership style, qualities, and job satisfaction
    Influence of Professor Camp : A Multiple Case Study on the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching
    The influence of race on behavior and the neural correlates of expectancy during an economic decision game
    Influence of racial identity and information processing strategies on client conceptualization
    Influence of residue management on soil chemical properties and nutrient flux in forests harvested for woody biomass
    The influence of school-wide positive behavior support interventions on the effects of student mobility and reading achievement
    Influence of seasonal environment, top and bottom deck transport, transport duration, and time in lairage on overall pork quality and blood serum cortisol concentrations of market hogs
    Influence of site conditions on near-field effects in multi-channel surface wave measurements
    The influence of slavery upon Missouri politics (to include 1860)
    Influence of social media on performance of movies
    The influence of social support on teacher self-efficacy in novice agricultural education teachers