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    Influence of some external conditions upon infection of hosts with powdery mildews
    The influence of St. Louis 1904 World's Fair on Japonisme that appeared in periodicals
    The influence of statistical and narrative evidence on consumer search for additional product information
    Influence of streambed substrate type and watershed properties on seston algal abundance
    Influence of subclinical hypocalcemia on plasma biochemical parameters, liver histologic changes, and common postpartum diseases in dairy cows
    The influence of sustained professional development on Panamanian teachers: student engagement and perceptions
    The influence of teacher efficacy on North Carolina Agriculture teachers' perceived success in working with students with special needs
    The influence of the physics first course sequence on Missouri students' biology end of course assessment
    Influence of tillage methods and waterfowl migration on weed seed distribution
    The influence of traditional word-of-mouth, electronic word-of-mouth, and tie strength on purchase decisions
    Influence of various factors, principally transpiration, upon infection of wheat and barley plants by the powdery mildew
    Influences of anxiety on golf performance: a field test of catastrophe theory
    Influences of combinatorially selected peptides on inhibition of Gibberella zeae spore germination and cytological modification of emerging germ-tubes
    The influences of perceived discrimination, religious coping and personal control on psychological distress among East Asian students in the U.S.
    Influences of pluton growth on magma crystallinity, aureole rheology, chamber stability and metamorphic fluid flow: numerical modeling of the growth of Papoose Flat pluton, White-Inyo Range, California
    Influences of subjective social status, control and perfectionism on international students' cross-cultural transition
    Influencing electronic word-of-mouth communication: getting beyond the skepticism of social media
    Influencing investors : an examination of angel investor perceptions of entrepreneurial investment opportunities
    Influential product characteristics of apparel product performance as measured in profit
    Informatic approaches to evolutionary systems biology