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    Local and deep texture features for classification of natural and biomedical images
    Local broadcast news and OTT streaming services: the institutional obstacles from an on-air to digital transition
    Local journalism beyond the command post : journalists as strategic communicators and citizen stakeholders in natural disaster recovery
    Local learning algorithms with application to action recognition and video analysis
    Local photodynamic therapy for equine squamous cell carcinoma in a murine model
    Local quantities and topological invariants of hermitian matrices
    Localization mechanisms of small plant-dwelling insects
    Localization of the Rf3 restorer-of-fertility gene for maize S-type cytoplasmic male sterility
    Localization of wireless sensor networks using multidimensional scaling
    Locally semi-simple representations of quivers
    Location problem for manufacturing scrappedwaste materials recycling centers
    Locks on deep waterways
    The locomotive and the tree: industrial Pittsburgh's late nineteenth-century literary culture
    The log in my eye : awareness, acceptance, and correction of partisan political bias
    A logic model program evaluation : examining the outcomes of academic performance and persistence towards graduation of at-risk students enrolled in the Academic Center
    The logic of decisions in militarized disputes : the effect of regime, power, arms contorol [sic], and airpower on decision-making in militarized disputes
    Logistic modeling of a biomass utilization system
    Logistic system design of an underground freight pipeline system
    Logistics regression to determine the influence of Bean and Metzner's persistence factors as defined by the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) on nontraditional students
    A long wavelength fluorogenic probe for Thiaminase I activity