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    Longitudinal assessment of age-related change in the dental pulp chamber and age estimation using dental radiographs [1]
    A longitudinal behavior genetic model for ordered categorical variables [1]
    Longitudinal evaluation of effects of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a model of feline allergic asthma [1]
    A longitudinal examination of drinking motives [1]
    Longitudinal links between marital quality and prosocial behavior in adolescence : the mediating roles of coparenting and adolescents' emotion regulation and sympathy [1]
    Longitudinal links between maternal parenting behaviors in early childhood and academic outcomes and mother-child relationship quality in middle childhood [1]
    Longitudinal relations among parenting daily hassles, child rearing, and prosocial behaviors in Turkish children [1]
    A longitudinal study of differences in staff assaults by responses to residents in a forensic hospital [1]
    The Longue Durée of Choctaw Removal, 1800-1860 [1]
    A look at how newspaper editors and advertising sales executives communicate : where does the wall stand? [1]
    Looking at fashion through green-colored glasses : a multimodal critical discourse analysis of Vogue's sustainable fashion editorials [1]
    Looking broadly and deeply into perspectives of local climate change impacts among visitors to Missouri state parks [1]
    Looks are situation-dependent properties [1]
    Lord Byron's critique of despotism and militarism in the Russian Cantos of Don Juan [1]
    Lorentzian warped products and static space-times [1]
    Loss of afferent input alters voltage gated ion channel and neuromodulator receptor expression in crustacean and mammalian neurons [1]
    Lossless data compression of monitored power signals using the PLHaar Transform [1]
    The lost cause of Southern Country Club : an ethnographic study [1]
    Lost in translation? : transformations of federal policy intentions for effective professional development in statewide policy [1]
    Love will never be rationed : World War II bridal apparel [1]