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    Multiscale simulation of impact response between two microrods with different nano-structures
    Multispectral canopy reflectance and digital imaging to determine maturity
    Multisystemic therapy across the lifespan: a 21.9-year follow-up to a randomized clinical trial with serious and violent juvenile offenders
    Multisystemic therapy with juvenile sexual offenders : a 10.2-year follow-up to a randomized effectiveness trial
    Multiuser TDMA channel estimation
    Multivariate genome-wide association studies and genomic predictions in multiple breeds and crossbred animals
    Municipal government in St. Joseph, Missouri
    Municipal organization in Missouri, an historical study of the legislation affecting cities and towns
    MUPrimer: a tool for finding allele specific PCR-primers for homologous gene sequences
    Murine theiloviruses: characterization and pathogenesis of enteric and disseminated disease
    The musculoskeletal effect of exercise and soluble activin receptor type 2b in mouse models of osteogenesis imperfecta
    Musica Universalis -- the pursuit of pure abstraction
    The mutual shaping of technology in a news establishment: social journalism and organizational change
    My America
    My blogger told me it was okay: processing and persuasion of youth risk behavior via parasocial interaction and health beliefs
    My hands, remembering
    My year pooping in a bucket : lifestyle, cultural, and social movements in the “node” at Dancing Rabbit ecovillage
    Myofibrillar regulatory mechanisms of stretch activation in mammalian striated muscle
    The myth of monetary surrogacy: the geographical logic of campaign contributions in state legislative campaigns
    Mythology of Propertius