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    Resource-efficient portable video communication system design for wildlife monitoring and interaction tracking
    Resources for tackling post-traumatic stress disorder in local newsrooms
    Responding to racism : how specific communication strategies may decrease likelihood of boycotts, protests and uprisings
    Response of Bos taurus cattle to fescue toxicosis and heat stress comparing by region and breed
    Response of micropiles in earth slopes from large-scale physical model tests
    Response of natural and artificial pin oak reproduction to mid- and understory removal in a bottomland hardwood forest
    Response of raccoon spatial and social behavior to the presence of an experimentally clumped food resource
    Responses of elementary students and their teachers to a world music preference survey
    Responsibility framing and the Obama health care reform bill
    Rest period of plants
    Restoration at the roots : mycorrhizal interactions and habitat restoration in glades and prairies
    Restoring forest composition and structure of riparian corridors in the Missouri Ozarks
    Restoring tradition: verbal lyricism and therapeutic song in Theocritus' pastoral Idylls
    Restriction of HIV by Tim-family proteins and antagonism by NEF
    Restructuring for collaboration: a case study
    Results in analytic and algebraic number theory
    Results on the Collatz Conjecture
    The resurgence of the moral novel in the wake of 9-11
    Resveratrol and procyanidin content in select Missouri red wines
    Retail work lives: Precarity and belonging in queens