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    The relationship between secondary school teacher perception of student motivation and the effects of teacher professional development on student motivation
    The relationship between servant leadership of principals and beginning teacher job satisfaction and intent to stay
    The relationship between the emotional competence andthe [sic] leadership effectiveness of hall directors
    The relationship between the High School Principal's use of power and the teachers' self-perception of professionalism
    The relationship of athletic director perceived leadership behaviors to student athlete academic and athletic performance at NCAA DII institutions
    The relationship of coping strategies to psychological health among sexually victimized deaf women
    The relationship of emic model derived resiliency attributes to ninth grade student total core subject courses passed in an urban high school as viewed through the RDYM
    The relationship of emotional intelligence and self-efficacy of first and second year principals in Missouri
    The relationship of Goldberg's Big five personality trait measures of mid-level leaders at Midwest state-supported colleges and universities to the Cameron and Quinn competing values model
    The relationship of leadership style of the department head to nursing faculty professional satisfaction and organizational commitment
    Relationship of school culture survey responses from reading first coaches to the Missouri Assessment Program third grade communication arts proficiency
    Relationship status, social networks, and wellbeing among older adults
    The relationships among middle level teachers' assessment practices, instructional leadership, and student achievement
    Relationships between academic disidentification and incarceration in African American males
    Relationships between decoding, reading comprehension and syntax in weak and strong decoders
    Relationships between siblings engaged in music study: an exploratory investigation
    Relationships between undergraduates' argumentation skills, conceptual quality of problem solutions, and problem solving strategies in introductory physics
    The relationships of organizational web site information and job seeker characteristics with perceptions of and attraction to the organization
    Relative depth estimation from single monocular images with deep convolutional network
    The relative efficiency of waste diversion strategies in Memorial Stadium at the University of Missouri