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    A priori estimates for solutions of elliptic partial differential equations on surfaces
    Prioritization of hospital orders considering cancellation probabilities
    Prison system of Missouri
    Privacy and senior adoption of assistive technology in residential care
    Private devotion, common prayer, and the British novel, 1700-1815
    Proactive environmental risk communication: multiple publics' evaluation of for-profit corporations' sustainability communication
    Proactive self-disclosure of threats: the effects of voluntary disclosure of corporate issues on perceived organizational transparency, credibility, and perceived severity of issues
    Probabilistic graphical models for protein structure prediction
    Probing extragalactic dust through gamma-ray burst afterglows
    Probing supramolecular assemblies via fluorescent reporter molecules
    Probing the viral replication of HCV and XMRV: biochemical characterization, inhibition kinetics and role of host proteins in viral replication
    Probiotic-supplemented soy bar effects on resistance to infection by listeria monocytogenes
    Process improvements in biological nutrient removal systems for better wastewater treatment performance
    Process management and scheduing [sic] in radiation therapy
    The process of decentering: a phenomenological study of Asian American Buddhists from the Fo Guan Shan Temple Buddhist order
    The process of fertilization in Aspidium and Adiantum
    The process of literacy integration in agriculture classrooms: a grounded theory
    The processes and products of first and second grade teachers' interpretations of students' understanding of place value
    Processing and properties of amaranth cake
    Processing and properties of quinoa cake