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    Optimal designs for dose-finding in contingent response models [1]
    Optimal designs for response functions with a downturn [1]
    Optimal experimental design under a new multivariate Weibull regression function [1]
    Optimal marketing budgeting and benchmarking of platform firms [1]
    Optimal orbit transfers for satellite formation flying applications [1]
    Optimal path planning of an unmanned combat aerial vehicle with obstacle avoidance [1]
    Optimal routing in a high threat environment : models and algorithms [1]
    Optimal video sensing strategy and performance analysis for wireless video sensors under delay constraints [1]
    Optimality explanations : a new approach [1]
    An optimization model for the World Food Programme's "protracted relief and recovery operations" in Chad [1]
    Optimization of a software-only H.264 encoder [1]
    Optimization of aeration schemes and motor and blower usage for wastewater treatment [1]
    Optimization of charge collection efficiency in MSM photodetector [1]
    Optimization of chemical dosing in water treatment for enhanced coagulation/softening as it pertains to DBP removal [1]
    Optimization of electromagnetic acoustic transducers for nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures [1]
    Optimization of soil mixtures in bioretention cells to reduce nutrient loading to the environment from storm water [1]
    Optimization of soybean carbohydrate profiles and profit potential using variable planting dates and genetic backgrounds [1]
    Optimizing antenna gain with a metamaterial filter [1]
    Optimizing beef cattle performance using rumen-protected lysine supplementation in diets balanced for predicted amino acid and effective energy requirement [1]
    Optimizing crop N use efficiency using polymer-coated urea and other N fertilizer sources across landscapes with claypan soils [1]