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    Quantifying error in vegetation mapping
    Quantifying microclimate heterogeneity within a contemporary plant growth facility
    Quantifying riparian canopy energy attenuation and stream temperature using an energy balance approach
    Quantifying stream bank erosion and deposition rates in a central U.S. urban watershed
    Quantifying suspended sediment loading in a mid-Missouri urban watershed using laser particle diffraction
    Quantifying the effect of local shelter on tree growth patterns within upper treeline ecotones in the Bighorn Mountans of Wyoming.
    Quantifying the effects of insectary plants on the abundance of natural enemies: implications for controlling insect pests in an organic cabbage eco-system
    Quantifying urban stormwater suspended sediment particle size class distribution in the central U.S.
    A quantitative analysis of economic disparities of 2011-2013 rural Missouri public school districts and English 1 examination scores
    Quantitative analysis of elementary pre-service teacher and educator preparation program performance on the Missouri Content Assessments by race, ethnicity, gender, program selectivity and minority-serving institution status
    A quantitative analysis of high school sports participation intensity and breadth : relationships with academic achievement in a rural Missouri high school
    A quantitative analysis of image repair strategies in political sex scandals
    Quantitative analysis of MCA
    A quantitative analysis of the effect of textile mill water quality labels on consumer purchace intention for apparel
    Quantitative analysis of the relationship between factors of servant leadership, school culture and academic achievement in ten Missouri middle-level schools
    A quantitative and qualitative inquiry into classroom incivility in higher education
    Quantitative biological studies at cellular and sub-cellular level
    A quantitative content analysis of errors and inaccuracies in Missouri newspaper information graphics
    A quantitative content analysis of shifting dependency patterns in U.S. foreign news content
    A quantitative performace measurement framework for health care systems