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    The practice of piety and virtual pilgrimage at St. Katherine's Convent in Augsburg
    Practice-based evidence research design for lymphedema management
    A practice-based intervention to prepare preservice teachers for inclusion using universal design for learning
    Practices that constitute successful school superintendent leadership: perceptions from established rural school superintendents
    Practicing the faith: conversion and the construction of a Muslim religious identity
    Praesentia et potentia in the Cubiculum Leonis in the catacomb of Commodilla, Rome: late ancient martyr cult in a late Roman's tomb
    Pragmatism in John Henry Cardinal Newman
    Prairie stream ecology : temporal and spatial patterns of macroinvertebrates
    Pre-harvest water quality of ephemeral streams in Missouri Ozark forests
    Pre-purchase search vs. web surfing: effects of internet motives and ad relevance on psychological processing of online ads
    Precast prestressed bridge approach slab: cost effective designs
    Precedent phenomena: the role of cultural reference in Dostoevsky's novel Demons
    Precision and capacity development in auditory working memory
    Preclinical evaluation of 177Lu-BBR2 antagonist radiothearpy of prostate cancer
    Preconditioned conjugate gradient solver for structural problems
    Predation and competition among larval salamanders : the influence of density dependence, phenology, food web structure and habitat complexity
    Predator diversity impacts herbivore abundance and behavior with cascading effects on the prevalence of a vector-borne plant pathogen
    Predator-prey interactions involving the soybean aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Missouri
    Predators and predation in the Cambrian period: quantitative methods in taphonomy and paleoecology
    The predictability of northern hemispheric blocking using an ensemble mean forecast system