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    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard
    CDPPB reverses an NMDA receptor antagonist-induced deficit in inhibitory avoidance and conditioned taste aversion learning in rats
    Cell identification, verification, and classification using shape analysis techniques
    Cell mechanics studied using atomic force microscopy
    The cellular and humoral immune response against primary infection with Coxiella burnetii
    Cellular behaviors regulating tangential migration of facial branchiomotor neurons in the zebrafish embryo
    The Cellular Immune Response to Murine Lyme borreliosis
    Cellular neural network virtual machine for graphics hardware with applications in image processing
    Celtic contribution to European culture during the early middle ages
    The Celtic legends and their use in the modern Celtic plays and poetry
    Centralized and decentralized police systems : a cross-national mixed-methods study of the effects of policing structures with lessons for Thailand
    Centromere function and evolution in maize (Zea mays)
    CFTR chloride channels and ABC active transporters undergo similar structural rearrangements as part of their operation
    CFTR gating mechanism: the role of dimerization of nucleotide binding domains
    Challenging national heterosexuality : a rhetorical analysis of campaign rhetoric for and against marriage equality in the November 2012 elections
    Change in high-risk behaviors during the first college year categorized by gender, first-generation status, and admission index demographics as measured by the CIRP and YFCY
    Change in sludge settling and filtration properties and membrane fouling trends in MBR activated sludge systems operated at different solids and hydraulic retention times
    Changes in fatty acids profiles after three weeks of high-fat diet feeding in obesity-prone rats
    Changes in properties of lamprey reticulospinal neurons following spinal cord injury
    Changes in selected soil quality indicators in forested soils following sawlog harvest