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    The evolution of sex difference in tool use [1]
    An evolutionary framework for matching geospatial object configurations [1]
    An evolving district level induction program for special education teachers [1]
    Ex situ variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on chemical vapor deposited boron-doped diamond films: layered structure and modeling aspects [1]
    Exact physics-based modeling and animation of highly flexible 1D mechanical systems [1]
    Examination of a peer-mediated intervention as a method for the generalization of social skills among youth with high-functioning autism [1]
    An examination of how principals lead instructional change in rural high schools [1]
    An examination of methods used to teach practice strategies in the college voice studio [1]
    The examination of participation in a community college peer mentoring program on social integration and academic success of first-time students [1]
    An examination of practices for reducing the overrepresentation of Black students in the mental retardation/intellectual disability eligibility category [1]
    An examination of school leader's perceptions of the impact of HIV/AIDS on selected primary schools in Zimbabwe [1]
    An examination of the extracurricular activity participation, social skills, and school engagement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders [1]
    An examination of the impact of a principal's actions on the parent involvement of Latino immigrant parents [1]
    An examination of the influence of Powerpoint lectures in higher education upon student assigned reading completion [1]
    An examination of the leadership competencies within a community college leadership development program [1]
    An examination of the preparedness of principals through the portal of the high school assistant principalship [1]
    An examination of the relationship between teacher characteristics, socioeconomic factors and statewide test performance of students with individual education plans [1]
    An examination of the success factors of African America [sic] men in executive leadership positions in Arkansas higher education [1]
    Examining a strengths-based approach to promoting students' engagement with school: a pilot study [1]