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    Roof truss systems under blast loads
    Room temperature methane and hydrogen adsorption studies on high-surface-area nanoporous carbon monoliths
    Roost site selection by Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis) and comparison of foraging habitat selection by morphologically similar bat species in bottomland hardwood ecosystems
    The root of all evil?: the Mandrake myth in German literature from 1673 to 1913
    Roots of oral tradition in the Arabian Nights: an application of oral performance theory to the "Story of the King of China's Hunchback"
    Roth and war: two cases
    The route to persuasion: gaining/maintaining local support for the hometown Air Force mission
    Row construction and accompaniment in Luigi Dallapiccola's Il Prigioniero
    Ruin nation: antiquarian objects and political narratives in the long eighteenth century
    Ruinscape : archetpyes of form and spirit
    Ruling or being ruled? : the development of citizenship in the Cherokee Nation
    Ruminal degradation of protein and carbohydrate in the domestic and wild ruminant
    Ruminal degradation of protein and carbohydrate using a batch culture system, and response to roughage removal, rumen modifier inclusion and postruminal amino acid supply in feedlot cattle.
    Rumination in depression: an opportunity to increase positive affect?
    Runtime and jitter of a laser triggered gas switch
    Rural and urban breast cancer patients: differential relationships between coping responses and psychological adjustment
    Rural church survey of Boone county, Missouri
    Rural emergency management : an inter-organizational case study
    Rural land uses of Scott County, Missouri : landowner decisions and bird communities
    Rural low-income mothers' perspectives on children's feeding practices