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    Removal of organic dyes from water by ionic liquid derived functional magnetic carbons [1]
    Repair prioritization with respect to inventory requirements [1]
    Repetition effects in object switch costs: against a switch cost measure of a discrete focus of attention [1]
    Repetitive sequence analysis for soybean genome sequences [1]
    Replication of freeway work zone capacity values in a microscopic simulation model [1]
    Reporting complex legal issues: an examination of the reportage on Citizens United and ACA [1]
    Reporting from the front : a textual analysis of embedded reporting in the New York Times [1]
    Reporting on rape : myths, context and sources [1]
    Reporting on the court of public opinion : how Buzzfeed and the New York Times covered the Brock Turner case [1]
    Reporting serendipity in biomedical research literature : a mixed-methods analysis [1]
    Representaciones de la violencia en la poesía de la guerra civil española [1]
    Representation of Hispanic culture in Delta's Sky magazine [1]
    Representations and interpretations of the Wrigley Field renovation : between nostalgia and nostophobia [1]
    Representations of intersectionality and class politics in coverage of national newspapers : a textual analysis of the housing crisis in 2006 [1]
    Representations of the violently displaced black female self in contemporary African literature: (African and African Diaspora Studies scholarly dissertation), & House on a jade sea : (creative writing, fiction, dissertation) [1]
    Representative bureaucracy and bureaucratic responsiveness : linking passive and active representation in Ghana's education bureaucracy [1]
    The Republic of Korea's public libraries : a critical examination of censorship practices [1]
    Resdiue-residue contact driven protein structure prediction using optimization and machine learning [1]
    Research & development of Q-Baller -- a spherical wheeled robot [1]
    Reshaping the "God beat" : how three community news websites frame religion [1]