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    Satisfaction and journalism: a study of newsroom happiness and its implications in print design
    Saudi teachers' perceptions on reading instruction
    The Saudi-American aid relationship, 1961-1968
    The scaffold protein POSH regulates T lymphocyte function
    Scaffolding the continua of biliterate development in the Spanish language immersion classroom
    Scalable Bayesian nonparametric learning for biomedical big data
    Scale and stability analysis of selected atmospheric blocking events
    Scandinavians and settlement in the eastern Irish sea region during the Viking age
    Scare tactics, ordinary consequences, and parental advice: the individualization of social problems in television anti-drug commercials
    Scene matching between a quantitative map and a qualitative hand drawn sketch
    Scholars on the sidelines : a phenomenological study of high-achieving elementary students in southwest Missouri
    School and district policies and strategies that impact student performance on the Missouri end-of-course algebra I NCLB assessment
    School bonding theory and female juvenile delinquency
    School climate and culture : a case study on the impact of student perception
    School expectations and initiatives for parental involvement in 30 nations: a comparative study using TIMSS 1999 data
    School leaders' perspectives : Intimate Partner Violence
    School performance teams' influence on school improvement in a large urban midwest school district
    School-aged children's awareness of their own working memory contents
    School-community partnerships in community children's choir organizations
    Science and management of river-floodplain connectivity for fish movement and recruitment : a case study of a managed wetland on the lower Missouri River