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    Ruminal degradation of protein and carbohydrate using a batch culture system, and response to roughage removal, rumen modifier inclusion and postruminal amino acid supply in feedlot cattle
    Rumination in depression: an opportunity to increase positive affect?
    Runtime and jitter of a laser triggered gas switch
    Rural and urban breast cancer patients: differential relationships between coping responses and psychological adjustment
    Rural church survey of Boone county, Missouri
    Rural emergency management : an inter-organizational case study
    Rural land uses of Scott County, Missouri : landowner decisions and bird communities
    Rural low-income mothers' perspectives on children's feeding practices
    Rural Missouri high school principals' perceptions of highly effective teachers : does it align with national research?
    Russian old believers in Alaska : linguistic and cultural continuity of traditionalist refugees
    Rust and leaf spot diseases on American elderberry plants
    S-RNase proteins: functional studies of the 120kDa glycoprotein and SRNase oligomerization
    The sacred and the urban: the case for social-justice gentrifiers
    The sacred life of the hetaira in ancient Greece
    Sacred space evaders : religious hegemony in gaming journalism
    Sacrifice for nostalgia: the American small-town and the grotesque
    Saddle point of attachment in horseshoe vortex system
    Safety evaluation of large truck-passenger vehicle interactions and synthesis of safety corridors
    Safety evaluation of roundabouts at freeway ramp terminals and HSM calibration
    Safety modeling for two certain urban intersection types, HSM calibration, and crash severity distribution