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    Castles in America: their diffusion in the northeastern United States during the Romantic Era (1870-1930)
    Castor oil and orange juice: how John H. Johnson fed news to black America
    Catalysis of manganese(II/III) on chromium(VI) reduction by oxalic acid
    Catalytic conversion of glycerol and sugar alcohols to value-added products
    Catalytic conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol: synthesis and technology assessment
    Cathode disintegration
    Cattle production : the cost in Missouri of producing a steer ready for the feed lot
    Catullus as a nature poet
    Catullus' Attis: counterfeit epic
    The caul theme in Tina McElroy Ansa's novels
    Cause exhaustion: how the loss of potency affects brand attitudes and intentions
    Cause specific mortality and anti-predator behavior in midwestern songbirds
    Causes of comorbidity among internalizing disorders of childhood and adolescence: the roles of neuroticisim, genes and environment
    Causes of domestic terrorism: 1970-2010
    Causes of the noun bias in early vocabulary development
    Caveolin-1 A scaffold for microcompartmental organization of membrane-associated glycolysis
    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard
    CDPPB reverses an NMDA receptor antagonist-induced deficit in inhibitory avoidance and conditioned taste aversion learning in rats
    Cell identification, verification, and classification using shape analysis techniques
    Cell mechanics studied using atomic force microscopy