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    The sonic boom: effect of logo presentation style in television commercials on memory for the advertised brand
    Sorption and leaching characteristics of heavy metals in artificial soil
    Sorption and transport of veterinary antibiotics in agroforestry buffer, grass buffer, and cropland soils
    Sound duration selectivity in bat midbrain inferior colliculus
    Sound effects in Lucretius
    Sound event detection and extraction for automatic music transcription
    Sound off (or sound on): melodic repetition, sonic branding and interactive advertisements
    The sounds of red and blue America: dissecting musical references to "red state" and "blue state" identity in print media during the 2004 presidental campaign
    Source credibility and the persuasiveness of public saftey messages communicated via social media
    Source localization in the presence of sensor manifold uncertainties and synchronization error
    Source localization using TDOA with erroneous receiver positions
    Source-sink interactions shape herbivore-induced defense responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
    Sources of financial stress and its impact on undergraduate international student experience and retention process
    South Korean parents' goals, knowledge, practices, and needs regarding music education for young children
    Souvenirs of America: American gift books, 1825-1840
    The "sovereigns of cyberspace" and state action
    Soybean emergence, growth, and development following corn stover removal
    Soybean seed components as affected by nodal position, environmental conditions, and irrigation
    Soybean seed trait improvements and their effects on human and animal nutrition
    The space between: uncovering the lived experience of actor communication