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    A study on the benefits of including near-field effects in active-source surface wave data collection and interpretation
    Study on the improvement of the FCM algorithm based on evolutionary algorithms
    A study on the relationship of death anxiety and the completion of advance directives for oncology social workers
    A study on the trade-off between supervision and wages: an empirical test of efficiency wage theory
    A study on three aspects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease's Triad of Susceptibility : Hormones, Helminths and T regulatory cells, in the Helicobacter hepaticus mouse model for IBD
    Studying Janus behavior: how support, deterrence, grievances and organizational structure shape violent and peaceful behaviors
    Studying macromolecular interactions on the large scale : a bioinformatics approach
    Studying pupillary light reflex in young children with autism spectrum disorders
    Stumbling and sharing : smartphones and serendipty in online news encounters
    Style and structure, politics, and preaching : the lives of saints and other alliterative works by Ælfric of Eynsham
    Sub-2 nm platinum nanoparticles growth study and device applications
    Subgroup disproportionality in special education in a single district
    A subject so shocking: the female sex offender in Richardson's Clarissa
    The sublethal effects of ecdysone agonists on the attractiveness, responsiveness, fertility and fecundity of oriental fruit moth, a comparative examination with codling moth on larval feeding damage
    The sublethal effects of methoxyfenozide on the field orientation and courtship behavior of Cydia pomonella (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: tortricidae)
    Subliminal priming as a task-characteristic artifact
    A sublinear version of the Schur Test and weighted norm inequalities
    Subsequences of frames and their operators
    Subsidizing the press : understanding journalists? attitudes about corporate and government influence and the public interest
    Substrate activation in the urate oxidase reaction