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    Use of slow-release N fertilizer to control nitrogen losses due to spatial and climatic differences in soil moisture conditions and drainage in claypan soils
    The use of sodium iodide for the management of bovine respiratory disease
    Use of stable carbon isotopes to assess anaerobic and aerobic methane oxidation in hypersaline ponds
    The use of supercritical fluids to process biomass for fuel
    The use of surgical safety checklists during time-outs in rural and urban operating rooms
    The use of the fable in Roman satire
    Use of the veterinary medical database to update the veterinary oncology literature
    The use of Twitter as a news source in sports reporting
    The use of ventilator-acquired pulmonary mechanics and computed tomography in the assessment of interventions for experimental feline asthma
    The use of web analytics on an academic library website
    A user interactive design procedure for an efficient tubular linear induction motor for pneumatic capsule pipeline systems
    A User-centered Design of Patient Safety Event Reporting Systems
    The user-generated dilemma: can the ways in which media organizations publish audience contributions affect the way the audience feels about the site and their intention to contribute?
    Uses & gratifications theory in online commenter culture
    Uses and gratifications of wearable technology adoption
    A uses and gratifications study of niche social network sites
    Using and coming to own: a left-proprietarian treatment of the just use and appropration of common resources
    Using animated graphics as a teaching tool in patternmaking: a comparison of delivery methods
    Using attitutudes and motivations to segment the landowner audience: a typology of family forest owners in the Missouri Ozarks and description of management and information behaviors
    Using clinical dashboard for hypertension management in a family medicine clinic