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    Testing a U.S. Mexican cultural value transmission model of maternal socialization of youth civic responsibility values and prosocial behaviors
    Testing an integrated body image media model : focusing on a cross-cultural comparison between US and Korean college women
    Testing for a synergistic effect between online publicity and advertising in an integrated marketing communications context
    Testing for incidental reactivation of episodic information during memory retrieval : an electrophysiological study
    Testing the Bayesian brain hypothesis in visual perception
    Testing the contextual factors' effect in social cognitive career theory among Latina/o and white women and men engineering students
    Testing the interaction of alcohol outlet density and personality traits in the prediction of drinking and driving
    Testing the pressure transient flow-force for spool-type two-way valves
    Testing the role of corporate social responsibility and crisis response messaging in corporate reputational recovery
    Testlet Effects on Standardized Log-likelihood Person Fit Index to Detect Aberrant Responses for the IRT Testlet Model
    Testosterone and cortisol in coalitional competition
    Tests of quantitative precipitation estimates using national weather service dual-polarization radar in Missouri
    Text mining with neural network and Mapreduce
    A textual analysis of health-content framing in women's health and fitness magazines
    A textual analysis of media framing of mass shootings: how characteristics surrounding mass shootings are framed in men's and women's magazines
    A textual analysis of public facebook posts from disability advocates : examining how those with disabilities choose to represent themselves via social media
    Textual summarization of data using linguistic protoform summaries
    That drug treats what?: the effect of emotional tone and narrative style on the memory link between brand name and medical condition treated in direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising
    That wasn't funny!: the critical humor of Otto Dix in Weimar Germany
    The theatre lobby experience: the audience's perspective