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    Supervision in the extension service in Helmand Arghandab Valley Authority, Afganistan
    Support for breastfeeding mothers and determinants of long-term breastfeeding in the United States
    Supporting practitioners' use of pivotal response training within educational contexts
    Surface and deep water circulation in late Cretaceous North Atlantic greenhouse ocean
    Surface characterization and measurements of adhesion force between graphite clustered particles and Hastelloy X surface using an atomic force microscope
    Surface chemistry studies of carbon dioxide with magnesium oxide and titanium dioxide
    Surface interactions between nanoscale iron and organic material : potential uses in water treatment process units
    Surface micromachined MEMS variable capacitor with two-cavity for energy harvesting
    The surface tension of soap solutions and their emulsifying power
    Surface to surface changes of variables and applications
    Surface waters most likely impacted by hormones from land-applied CAFO wastes in Missouri
    Surrogate measures for evaluating new signage and intersection designs
    A survey of employee engagement
    A survey of network television's coverage of the war in Vietnam
    A survey of relationships among rare breeds of swine
    A survey study of school counselors' perceptions of the importance of professional development areas
    Survival and exopolysaccharide production of lactic acid bacteria grown on grape pomace
    Survival of freeze-dried probiotics in soy protein powder