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    Sparks on kindling: terrorism's role in civil war onset, recurrence, and escalation
    Spatial Analysis of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Sedimentation in Four Northern Missouri Reservoirs: Implications for Optimal Sampling
    Spatial analysis of poverty and prosperity in the U.S. counties
    Spatial analysis to establish agroforestry areas as buffer zones in tropical peatland forest of Indonesia
    Spatial and disease ecology of the plains spotted skunk
    Spatial cluster analysis of female breast cancer diagnosis in Missouri: using GIS and spatial analyst functions
    The spatial cross-correlation coefficient as an ultrasonic detection statistic
    The spatial dimensions of savanna fire ecology in Kruger National Park, South Africa
    Spatial distribution and historical dynamics of threatened conifers of the Dalat Plateau, Vietnam
    Spatial ecology of Western Ratsnakes (Pantherophis obsoletus) : implications for bird nest predation
    Spatial econometric analysis of highway and regional economy in Missouri
    Spatial language driven robot
    Spatial modeling for social inequality : a geographic perspective
    Spatial pyramid context-aware moving object detection and tracking for full motion video and wide aerial motion imagery
    Spatial, temporal, and petrogenetic relationships of basaltic and lamprophyric dikes and sills of the Raton Basin, southern Colorado and northern New Mexico
    Spatially adaptive priors for regression and spatial modeling
    Spatially explicit and stochastic forest landscape model of fire disturbance and succession
    Spatially resolved and bulk zinc analysis in biological samples of patients at different stages of Alzheimer's disease by high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
    Spatio-temporal models of county-level economic growth
    Spatio-temporal models with time-varying spatial model error for environmental processes