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    Building better wetlands for amphibians : investigating the roles of engineered wetland features and mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on amphibian abundance and reproductive success [1]
    Building hybrid multicast by combining IP and application layers [1]
    Building professional learning community in a rural school district : an evaluative inquiry [1]
    Building shape-shifting tries for fast IP lookup [1]
    Building the future: newspaper culture and innovation [1]
    Building Wal-Mart with resistance: community political action against a new Wal-Mart supercenter [1]
    Built to measure : reconstructing an ancient measurement system from extant architecture at Casas Grandes [1]
    Bulk oxygen and carbon isotopic variation in the Late Cretaceous along with morphometric analysis of biserial planktonic foraminifera [1]
    Bullying the resource-rich : the effect of natural resource wealth on coercive diplomacy [1]
    Bumping up the body : examining the impact of celebrity gossip magazines on body image during pregnancy [1]
    Bureaucratic organization and innovation : a mixed-methods study of U.S. state department of transportation website adoption [1]
    Buriscon regulated immune response in Drosophila melanogaster [1]
    Bursicon homodimers induce prophylactic innate immunity in two model insects: Drosophila melanogaster and Aedes aegypti [1]
    Bursting your (filter) bubble how personalization is changing the way you perceive reality from the information you consume on social media [1]
    The Bush effect : campaign news linking presidential candidates to the incumbent president [1]
    Business activities, competitive advantages, ownership types of the textile and apparel industries in China [1]
    Business and marketing teacher preparation in Missouri : a study of characteristics and influencing factors [1]
    Business models of digital longform publications [1]
    But in the night we are all the same [1]
    Butterfly gardening: using volunteers to provide data on flower use [1]