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    The conception of tragedy in recent English drama
    conceptual and empirical development
    Conceptualizing the ultimate punishment in China: a political, cultural, and historical analysis of the death penalty in communist China, 1949-2007
    Concerto for four horns and wind ensemble
    Concretes and abstracts in the Old English epic Beowulf
    Concurrent simulation of a subject specific musculoskeletal model with anatomical knee
    Condition assessment of carbon fiber composites using raman spectroscopy
    Condition assessment of Kevlar composite materials using Raman spectroscopy
    Conditionally convergent vector series
    Conditions modifying the effect of deleterious agents upon the fungi
    Conducting a pedagogy: the influence of Maria Irene Fornes's teaching and the Padua Hills Playwright Workshop and Festival on three contemporary women playwrights
    Conflict positioning in crisis communication: integrating contingency stance with image repair strategies
    Confocal microscopy imaging analysis of plant morphodynamics
    Conformational studies on adenine formation and spin properties of bio-related radicals
    Confucian values and economic performance: exploring their effects on citizens satisfaction with democracy
    Congress in the mass media: how the West Wing and traditional journalism frame Congressional power
    Conjoint analysis for effective use of online video advertising on video sharing websites
    Conjunciones y disyunciones entre raza y gnero: Representaciones flmicas y literarias de inmigrantes Latinoamericanos y Africanos Subsaharianos en la espana contempornea.
    Connections and confluences: the personal and artistic journeys in the writing of Survival dance
    Connections and rituals in the digital everyday