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    Coefficient theorems of Birancon-Skoda type
    Coenzyme Q₁₀ content, composition, texture and physiochemical characteristics of pasta fortified with freeze-dried beef heart
    The cognitive and affective outcomes of a cultural diversity in business course in higher education
    Cognitive load and time based forgetting
    Cognitive processes related to math disabilities
    Cognitive processing of news as a function of structure: a comparison between inverted pyramid and chronology
    Cognitive radios: spectrum sensing issues
    The Cognitive Reflection Test: a measure of intuition/reflection, numeracy, and insight problem solving, and the implications for understanding real-world judgments and beliefs
    Cohen's kappa as a method for link prediction
    The Cold War, the New World Order, and the War on Terror : U.S. presidents' use of Orwell's big brother myth
    Collaboration and separation : how news companies find innovation
    Collaboration and the use of three dimensional interface within a virtual learning environment and the impact on communication and learning: a case study
    Collecting lymphatic vessel permeability to albumin and its modification by natriuretic peptides
    Collective offspring-parent signaling in a social treehopper: mechanisms, patterns and function
    College adjustment of Black/African American student-athletes at predominately-white institutions and historically black colleges and universities
    College and career readiness : Exploring rigor through relevance and its relationship with adolescent identity development
    College freshmen's perception of racism at the University of Missouri-Columbia: do you see what I see?
    College students and credit card use: the effect of personal financial knowledge on debt behavior
    College students ethical perceptions on buying counterfeit products
    College Students' Choice of Informal Learning Spaces