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    The contribution of titin to striated muscle shortening
    Contribution toward the chemical compostition of the crystalline rocks of south-east Missouri
    Control and characterization of a cyclotron proton beam
    Control of amaranthus species using dicamba as a pre- and post-herbicide in Missouri
    Control of arterial hemoglobin saturation in premature infants using H-infinity synthesis and performance specifications from best clinical practice
    Control of Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) in Zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica) turf by using post-emergence herbicides
    The control of blood flow in skeletal muscle arterioles
    Control of the humus supply of certain important Missouri soils
    Controlling SIBLING protein orientation and conformation via native binding interactions
    Controversies in acceptance of genetically modified food by European Union: symptoms of conflicts in diffusion of an innovation
    Convection battery research, development, and simulation
    Convergence in the production of news infographics
    Convergence of an infinite series
    Convergence of infinite series
    Conversational self focus in youths' friendships
    Converting cultural capital to economic capital in the journalism field: content management in the newspaper business
    Cooling system for micro scale food transport process
    The Cooperative Provision of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture
    Coordinated communication: an analysis of signal and preference phenotypes in the genus Hyla
    Coordinated expression of CRTB, At-VTE3, and VTE4 to enhance pro-vitamin A and vitamin E in transgenic soybean