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    Collegiate football student-athlete body mass composition change related to mandatory breakfast consumption
    Collision free path planning algorithms for robot navigation problem
    Colombian teachers' expectations of poor and black students' ability to learn algebra
    Color outside the line : Liminality and Creole identity in Louisiana, colonial era to reconstruction
    Color stability of sorghum 3-deoxyanthocyanins against sulfite and ascorbic acid degradation: pH influence
    The coloring matter in fat from cow's milk
    Combating high pH/high TA Missouri wines and its impact on non-volatile and sensory characteristics
    Combating nuclear power : discourses of justice, the anti-nuclear power struggle for energy justice
    Combined dilatometry and mass spectrometry of sintering and evolved gases of barium titanate and zirconium diboride with sintering additives
    Combining activities of daily living and scene understanding for continuous assessment of behavior patterns using depth data
    Come away with me: the uses and gratifications of leisure travel magazine readership
    Come hell or high water: a framing analysis of local newspaper coverage of Hurricane Katrina
    Come to nothing
    The comic core: a theory of teaching sequential art narratives
    Commercial grain merchandisers: interest in professional development
    Common and specific alcohol risk factors in African Americans and Caucasians
    Communicating medical advances in television health news: the influence of a human interest frame on audiences' cognitive and emotional responses
    Communication about predation risk between parents and offspring groups in treehoppers
    The communication and management of career change: a study of individuals' experiences or the social process of voluntary downward career change in Singapore
    The communication and psychology of identity on mobile dating apps for men who have sex with men