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    Climate change news and trust : the influence of news source, frame and political ideology on judgments of credibility
    Climate variation and corn price volatility: A partial equilibrium model
    A climatological and contextual analysis of Roman water technologies in Cyprus
    Climatology of atmospheric blocking 1978-2008: global and hemispheric breakdown, as well as impacts of temperature, and global climate cycles
    The climatology of dew points and fire weather related parameters in the Missouri-Arkansas region
    Clinical content tracking system: an efficient request tracking via a graphical user interface
    Clinical decision support system for the healthy marriage program
    A closer look at the rhetoric of rape
    Closomers at a click :
    The clothing and textile research base: an author cocitation study
    Clues to meaning: exploring potential effects of paired, congruent cues on toddlers' word learning
    Clustering in relational data and ontologies
    CNS effects of blood-borne relaxin on the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus
    Co-constructing work-life concerns: an examination of couples' discourse
    Co-ordinated expression of CRTB, At-VTE3, and VTE4 to enhance pro-vitamin A and vitamin E in transgenic soybean
    Co-teaching model of student teaching : perceptions of beginning teachers for career readiness
    The Coccidae of scale insects of Missouri
    Cocrystallization of pyrogallol[4]arenes with target molecules
    The coefficient of digestion as influenced by the plane of nutrition of the animal
    Coefficient theorems of Birancon-Skoda type