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    Cost-benefit analysis of multisystemic therapy with serious and violent juvenile offenders
    Cotton seed and cotton-seed products as feeds for live stock
    Coumarin Aldehyde Chemosensors for Selective Recognition of Neurotransmitters
    Counselor's multicultural competencies: from gender and ethnicity perspectives
    Counteracting Traffic Congestion using Intelligent Driver Feedback
    Counterexamples to Strichartz Type Inequalities
    Countering the Detrimental Influence of Negative Electronic Word of Mouth on Brands: Effects of Brand Feedback, Stability and Controllability of the Cause of the Problem on Brand Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
    County road 23
    Course delivery methods and instructional approach for academic success in high school distance education courses
    Covalent Adduct Formation Between the Antihypertensive Drug Hydralazine and Abasic Sites in Double and Single-Stranded DNA
    Cover crops: an alternative practice to improve soil physical properties and soil water dynamics
    Covering the bases: variations in the arguments to justify publicly-funded baseball stadiums
    CPLA2: key enzyme for astroctytic cell membrane phase property change induced by abeta
    Creating a culture :
    Creating an effective educational environment for adult learners: a qualitative, multi-case study of off-campus center administrator's use of invitational leadership
    Creation of brand equity in the Chinese clothing market
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers: do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility?
    The credible brand model: the effects of ideological congruency and customer-based brand equity on media and message credibility
    Crime against the body: an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news