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    The Daevas in Zoroastrian scripture [1]
    Daily alcohol use and relationship functioning in young adult romantic relationships [1]
    Daily relationship interventions : an integrative review [1]
    Damage inspection of isotropic/multi-layer plates by time-frequency analysis of Lamb waves [1]
    Damaged [1]
    Damn with faint praise : a historical commentary on Plutarch's On the fortune or virtue of Alexander the Great 1 [1]
    Damping and stiffening forces of a squeeze-film between two plates [1]
    Dance-based therapy to decrease fall risk in older persons [1]
    Dangerous weapons : arms transfer, interstate conflict, and dependence [1]
    Dashboard design and usability study for geospatially enabled information seeking to assist pandemic response and resilience [1]
    A data acquisition system that uses signal scavenging to detect activity on floor pads [1]
    Data analysis and prediction of protein posttranslational modification [1]
    Data analytics in sports : improving the accuracy of NFL draft selection using supervised learning [1]
    Data combining using mixtures of g-priors with application on county-level female breast cancer prevalence [1]
    Data control for signal scavenging for a personnel detection system [1]
    Data display for a signal scavenging personnel detection system [1]
    Data driven decisions in K-12 education : a comparative case study about data driven decisions in two rural K-12 school districts [1]
    Data journalism and democracy: how American mass media framed the 2016 presidential campaign in the United States using data visualization [1]
    Data mining and machine learning methods for chromosome conformation data analysis [1]
    Data mining extension for economics [1]