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    E-community support for weight loss [1]
    E-scooter simulator development and applications [1]
    The earlier political career of Thomas Hart Benton 1820-1833 [1]
    Early career faculty development at selected midwestern land-grant colleges of agriculture and related sciences [1]
    Early detection of health changes in the elderly using in-home multi-sensor data streams [1]
    Early financial history of Missouri [1]
    Early Franciscan painted panels as a response to the Italian Cathars [1]
    Early history of money and banking in Missouri [1]
    The early imperial ceramics as evidence for life at Roman Sardis [1]
    Early predictors of child depression in at-risk families : latent profile analysis of risk factors occurring in ecological systems of young children [1]
    Early roads in Missouri [1]
    Early-age genetic parameter estimates for diameter, height and volume in Pinus echinata mill. and implications for breeding [1]
    Early-stage social ventures : resource acquisition, CEO selection, and impact investors [1]
    Earthquake interaction along the Sultandagi-Aksehir fault based on InSar and coulomb stress modeling [1]
    Earthquakes in central eastern United States (CEUS) : spatiotemporal patterns and correlations with tectonic factors [1]
    Ease the résistance : the role of narrative and other-referencing in attenuating psychological reactance to persuasive diabetes messages [1]
    East marries west [1]
    Eat for life : a quasi-experimental trial of a novel mindfulness-based intuitive eating intervention [1]
    Eat MO beef : effects of regional labeling on Missouri consumers' beef preferences [1]
    EC-SGK1 and EnNaC mediate vascular stiffening [1]