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    J. O. Emmerich : Study in community journalism [1]
    Jacksonianism in Missouri : from predilection to party, 1820-1836  [1]
    Jacqueline Kennedy's effect on women : a content analysis of her style, role, and thought as First Lady, 1959-1963 [1]
    James Lemen, senior and junior, and the early slavery controversy in Illinois [1]
    Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, and The Woman in White from the Victorian stage to the silent screen [1]
    The January party [1]
    Japanese and U. S. mothers' concerns and experts' advice : content analyses of mothers' questions on online message boards and experts' advice in parenting magazines [1]
    Japanese parents' perceptions about children's medical play [1]
    Jazz hands in the 21st century : how Broadway marketing navigates social media [1]
    Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont : women's epistolary and pedagogical fiction in the eighteenth-century [1]
    The Jews in England during the 13th century [1]
    Job satisfaction and intent to stay : why nonacademic staff remain in higher education [1]
    Job satisfaction and stress among Missouri public school superintendents [1]
    Job satisfaction of Missouri high school principals as measured by the Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire [1]
    Job search self-efficacy of east Asian international graduate students [1]
    John Brooks Henderson as a representative of border-state public opinion [1]
    John Horne Burns : Toward a Critical Biography [1]
    Jokers, smokers and midnight tokers? : how television news framed pro-pot legislation in Oregon and Colorado before the November 6, 2012 elections [1]
    Journalism's lifeline : exploring an American aversion to government aid [1]
    Journalism's next generation : socialization of high school journalists [1]