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    Machine learning methods for 3D object classification and segmentation [1]
    Machine learning methods for evaluating the quality of a single protein model using energy and structural properties [1]
    Machine-aided analysis of vote privacy using computationally complete symbolic attacker [1]
    Macroeconomic trade-offs in small open economies [1]
    Macroinvertebrate and crayfish communities in the Meramec River drainage basin: an investigation at multiple spatial scales [1]
    Macroinvertebrate assemblage composition along a longitudinal multiple-land-use gradient in a midwestern stream [1]
    The magazine framing of the 2009 Pittsburgh, PA G-20 protesters [1]
    Magazines targeting young men : men's objectification of and attitudes toward women [1]
    Magic for unlucky girls : stories [1]
    Magical safe spaces : the role of literature in Medieval and early modern magic [1]
    A magnetic fluid based thermal connector for avionics chassis [1]
    Magnetic interactions in the spin-orbit coupled electron gas [1]
    Magnetic-ferroelectric interactions in RMnO₃ [1]
    Magnetoresistance in semiconductor-metal hybrids for power applications [1]
    Magnitude of STING Signaling Determines CD8 T cell Memory [1]
    Mainstreamed English language instruction in a low-incidence rural school district : a case study [1]
    Maintaining cross-domain objects and features in working memory : implications for storage in models of working memory [1]
    Maintenance of traffic for innovative geometric design work zones and calibrating highway safety manual for Missouri interchanges [1]
    Maize nodal root growth under water deficits [1]
    Major life-changing events and preferred retirement time among older adults : evidence from the 1992 to 2014 health and retirement study [1]