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    Race, gender, and sexuality : constructions of Latinidad in Jane the Virgin [1]
    The race-based school assignment policy response to Parents Involved v. Seattle schools by 125 districts from the Civil Rights Commission's 1987 meta study on the effects of desegregation [1]
    Racial differences in households' financial asset allocation, 1992-2004 [1]
    Racial discrimination and mental health : temporal dynamics and neurocognitive moderators [1]
    Racial disparity in police killings : an analysis of 2014 United States lethal force data [1]
    The racialization of Islam in Germany [1]
    "Racism lives here" : racial ideologies in local news media coverage of student university protests [1]
    Radar characteristics of tornadic and non-tornadic quasi-linear convective systems over the central United States [1]
    Radiation conditions and integral representations for Clifford algebra-valued null solutions of the iterated perturbed Dirac operator [1]
    The radio broadcasting enterprise of Free China [1]
    Radioactive Au for potential radiotherapeutic application [1]
    Radioanalytical multi-elemental analysis : new methodology and archaeometric applications [1]
    Radiochemical and analytical methods of analysis of radiological dispersal devices [1]
    Radiolabeled bivalent peptide ligands for prostate cancer imaging [1]
    Radionuclide production and separation techniques for radiopharmaceutical development and nuclear waste processing [1]
    Radionuclide production for radioisotope micro-power source technologies [1]
    Radiotracers for examining biological functions of plants and microbes [1]
    The railroad and warehouse commission of Missouri [1]
    Railroads in missouri to 1660 [1]
    Rainfall observations using dual-polarization radar coupled with a drop motion and evaporation model [1]