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    X-ray diffraction studies on the Pb/Si(111) system [1]
    X-Ray scattering at the periphery : forbidden bragg reflections and silicon nanowire arrays [1]
    X-ray topography techniques for the analysis of laser irradiated silicon [1]
    Yeast mutants containing elevated methionine [1]
    Yeoman justice : [1]
    Yersinia pestis YopJ and its impact on innate immunity [1]
    Yersinia pestis YopJ, YopT, and YopK coordinate programmed cell death and cytokine responses to promote pneumonic plague [1]
    Yersinia pestis YopK contributes to immune evasion and cell death to promote plague [1]
    Yes she can : examining the educational and career pathways of African American women in senior leadership positions in 4-year public universities [1]
    Yields from highly asymmetric fission : fractional cumulative yields of ¹⁴³Ba, ¹⁴⁴Ba, and ¹⁴⁷Ce from thermal-neutron induced fission of ²³⁵U [1]
    You are not an impostor : mediating impostor phenomenon feelings in graduate students through literacy interventions [1]
    "You gotta man up and take care of it": masculinity, responsibility, and teen fatherhood [1]
    "You say diversity, we say adversity" : white nationalism, student protest, and administrative diversity discourses in the neoliberal university [1]
    "You want another drink, handsome?" : Objectification and alcohol use in sexual minority men [1]
    Young blood: persuading young people to give blood by applying concepts of self-perception and social norms theories to recruitment ads [1]
    Young children at-risk for externalizing behavior problems : examination of behavior change utilizing universal positive behavior support strategies [1]
    Young children's use of working memory for producing unfamiliar sentence structures [1]
    Young Jordanian university students' perceptions of the U.S. geopolitical presence in the Middle East [1]
    Youth agripreneurship development in Benin : lessons for scaling up from Songhai Center agripreneurs [1]
    Youth to youth : changing Palestinian-American images and stereotypes through online social networks [1]