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    Babbler : a novel
    Baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes towards obese children, knowledge about childhood obesity, and reported self-efficacy in addressing children's weight as a health problem
    Bacteria concerned in the making of salt-rising bread.
    Bacterial ribosome conformational dynamics during translation termination and rescue
    The bacterial type III-secreted protein AvrRps4 is a bipartite effector
    Bacteriophage display selections of ovarian cancer avid peptides
    The balance between plant immunity and development: interactions of SRFR1 and TCP transcription factors
    A balancing act : negotiating the teacher roles of instructor and participant during a high school literature discussion unit
    A ballooned beta-logistic model
    Banal : sculptural meditations on the unfamiliar
    The banality of racism : the spirit of capitalism and mass incarceration
    A banished Adam : Mark Twain and the father of the human race
    Baptist Press and the Baptist Faith and Message: framing women within denominational contexts
    Barriers and values of moral distress among critical care nurses
    Barriers to obtaining annual diabetic eye exams among adult rural patients
    Bastions of turf : frisians, terpen and the re-adoption of a "working" landscape
    Bat avoidance in the katydid genus Neoconocephalus
    Bat occupancy of forests and managed savanna and woodland in the Missouri Ozark Region
    Battle Folds
    Battle on the home front : a contingency approach to analyzing how an army unit communicates with families during a deployment