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    Object Detection and Classification using Shape Feature [1]
    Object detection for big data [1]
    Object Detection with Kinect Sensor [1]
    Object detection with large intra-class variation [1]
    Occurrence and Implicatons of Biological Network Evolution Following Polyploidy [1]
    Of mice and men: can MMP-9 be a biomarker and a potential target for treatment after traumatic brain injury? [1]
    older adults developing a preference for LAT [1]
    On cross-domain social semantic learning [1]
    On projective morphisms of varieties with nef anticanonical divisor [1]
    On the relationship between generalized covariance union and the minimal enclosing ellipsoid problem [1]
    On the role of cytokines and route of antigen delivery on the modulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [1]
    On the role of IL-13R[alpha]1 on basophils, dendritic cells and macrophages in neonatal and adult immune systems modulation [1]
    On the simulations of correlated nakagami-m fading channels using sum-of-sinusoids method [1]
    On the use of multiple emitters to improve the TDOA source localization accuracy in the presence of random sensor position errors [1]
    On unimodality of Hilbert functions of Artinian level algebras of codimension 3 and type 2 and 3 [1]
    An online disconnect : a case study of the effect of social media on a metropolitan newsroom's organizational culture [1]
    Open door policy [1]
    Operational analysis of cross-country trips on rail in Vietnam [1]
    Opioid use disorder and borderline personality disorder : evidence for dysregulation of the endogenous opioid system [1]
    Optically enhanced nano-forest cathodes [1]