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    U.S. apple market response to change in pesticide regulations
    U.S. beef trade in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement : analysis of relevant markets and potential scenarios
    U.S. consumer preferences for elderberry products
    Uio-66 particles embedded PVDF hollow fiber membrane for arsenate removal
    Ultra-fast magnetic resonance imaging for small animal models
    Ultrafiltration of surface water by poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/TiO2 mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes (HFMs) with advanced antifouling properties under visible light irradiation
    Ultrasonic biaxial stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates
    Ultrasonic measurement of stress in steel and concrete
    Ultrasonic stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates
    Ultrastructural damages in the brain induced by low-intensity primary blast wave : a transmission electron microscopy study on mild traumatic brain injury
    Unapologetic on the flat track : gender conformity, cooptation & subversion in a local grassroots roller derby league
    Unapologetically Elle : how personal experience in Elle contributes to the magazine's third-wave feminist identity
    Uncertainty analysis of steady-state calorimetric emissivity measurements
    Uncertainty and tangible assets in firm investment : inter-industry evidence from APEC countries
    Uncertainty management in mass shootings: antecedents, appraisals, and communication behavior
    Uncertainty propagation and parameter sensitivity analyses of relative permittivity models for use in soils
    Unconscious information progressing in working memory
    Unconventional oil and gas extraction as a novel source of endocrine disrupting chemicals to water and the potential for adverse human and animal health outcomes
    Uncovering morphoproteomic relationships using probabilistic graphical models and resource description framework knowledgebases
    Uncovering the art of persuasion : understanding design decisions for award-nominated or winning city and regional magazine art directors between 2012 and 2014