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    1,5-hydride shift of alkenyl sulfoximine/[4+3] cycloaddition and ring opening/novel hydrazine synthesis from Tröger's base analogues [1]
    A 10-year linear gender-equity and salary-trend study among Missouri superintendents : a glance a Missouri superintendents' pathway to the superintendency [1]
    11 [beta]-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity in feline, equine, and ossabaw swine adipose tissue [1]
    11-amino-1 undecene-covered SI (100) and GE (100) surfaces [1]
    11[beta]-HSD[subscript 2] activity in an equine distal limb and thoracic wound model [1]
    The 1898 Reform Movement, Britain, and China: an examination of four British writers on British-Chinese relations 1895-1900 [1]
    2 Feet 4 Life : feasibility of a foot care self-management intervention for older adults without diabetes [1]
    2,1-Benzothiazines : preparation and reactivity [1]
    [2,3]-Sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfinates ; Regiodivergent synthesis of 1- and 2 arylsulfonyl 1,3-dienes, and III. Synthesis of Troger's base-derived ligands [1]
    The [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfonates to allenic sulfones and further applications to oxacycles and dihydrofuranones [1]
    The 2004 presidential election between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry : an analysis of visually comparative televised advertisements [1]
    2014 Ebola newspaper coverage : through the lens of Orientalism [1]
    2D and 3D modeling of the Laramide fold geometry of Derby Dome and its en echelon interchange with Dallas Dome, southern Wind River Basin, Wyoming [1]
    3 essays on monetary and financial economics [1]
    30 years of change : visualizing hotter drought at upper treeline along the Colorado Trail [1]
    3D analysis of hip joint mobility and the evolution of locomotor abilities in miocene hominoids [1]
    3D city scale reconstruction using wide area motion imagery [1]
    3D genome structure reconstruction from chromosomal contact data [1]
    3D growth simulation and field emission properties of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes [1]
    3D imaging for brachytherapy patient and mold applicator positioning verification [1]