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    Fall detection system using low cost computing and online communication [1]
    Fall detection using acoustic features and one class classifiers [1]
    Fall detection using sound sensors [1]
    Falling through the cracks: child care decision-making among the working poor [1]
    Family communication about genetic disease risk: investigating factors promoting disclosure and individual well-being [1]
    The family farm in the post-World War II era: industrialization, the cold war and political symbol [1]
    Family Matters: Casework, Manhood, and the Bureau for Homeless Men, St. Louis, 1925-1940 [1]
    Family structure, residential area and housing demand: evidence from micro-data for the U.S. [1]
    Famous last words [1]
    Fantasy football participation and media usage [1]
    Farewell to shadowlands: for wind ensemble [1]
    Farmers' mutual insurance in Missouri [1]
    Farmers, warriors, and grandfathers: the Shawnee and Delaware Indians and their neighbors in the trans-Mississippi West, 1787-1832 [1]
    Fast and adaptive H.264/AVC video coding for network based applications [1]
    Fast and Reliable Hand Action Recognition [1]
    A fast multiple longest common subsequence (MLCS) algorithm [1]
    Fast optical signal detected in the prefrontal lobe with near-infrared spectroscopy during sleep [1]
    A fast, 3 MV Marx generator for megavolt oil switch testing and integrated Abramyan network design [1]
    Father absence, paternal investment, and alloparental investment effects on children's educational attainment in rural Bangladesh [1]
    Fathers, mothers, members, and outsiders: analysis of social power and authority relations in the Peoples Temple and the Church Universal and Triumphant [1]