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    An experimental study of the game of Nim
    An experimental study of the rest period of plants : the effect of rest period breaking agencies upon hardwood cuttings
    Experimentally assessing the influence of resource availability and social aggregation on the parasites of raccoons
    Experimentally exploring how the awareness of existential freedom influences support for autocratic leadership styles among individuals high and low in neuroticism
    Experiments in the application of pragmatic principles to the teaching of English composition
    Experiments with silos and silage
    Explaining consumers' channel-switching behavior using the theory of planned behavior
    Explicating journalism-as-a-conversation: two experimental tests of online news
    Explicating the incipits: a writer's journey in Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler
    An Exploration of a Rural Arkansas K-12 Educational Leader's and Community's Social Media Use
    An exploration of chemical agents detection using the quantum fingerprint [superscript TM] technology
    An exploration of composite language modeling for speech recognition
    An exploration of factors affecting retention and persistence of undergraduate military veteran students at the University of Missouri
    Exploration of supercritical water gasification of biomass using batch reactor
    The exploration of the "Flutie factor" and philanthropic contributions to NCAA Divsion II football championship institutions from 1997-2010
    Exploration of the contentious relationship between increased work engagement and service worker well-being
    An exploration of the familial risk profiles of kindergarten students and later academic and behavior problems
    An exploration of the knowledge high school guidance counselors in Missouri have as they assist undocumented students trying to gain access to college
    An exploration of the moderating impact of mentorship on the relationship between Christian religious orientation and moral reasoning
    Exploration of the unique firm resources described by Indian apparel export firms for their competitive advantages