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    Establishing pin oak reproduction in bottomland forests in southeastern Missouri
    Establishing the perimortem interval: correlation between bone moisture content and blunt force trauma characters
    Establishing the validity and reliability of the survey of higher education instructional practices in the Millennial Age
    Establishment and yield of bioenergy miscanthus on clayplan soil ladscapes
    Establishment of a phenotypical model of adverse outcomes associated with assisted reproductive technologies
    Establishment of silvopastoral system into a Missouri hardwood forest
    Estimates of school productivity and implications for policy
    Estimating above and below ground vegetation biomass and carbon storage across an intra-urban land-use gradient in mid-Missouri
    Estimating India's soy protein consumption and exporting soy products to India
    Estimating population size with objective Bayesian methods
    Estimating reliability under a generalizability theory model for writing scores in C-base
    Estimating U.S. consumer beef demand differentiated by USDA quality grades
    Estimating working memory capacity for lists of nonverbal sounds
    Estimation and tracking of elder activity levels for health event prediction
    The estimation of a corporate crisis communication based on perceived CEO's leadership, perceived severity of threats, and preceived opposing public's size
    Estimation of adult skeletal age-at-death using the Sugeno fuzzy integral
    Estimation of spatial autoregressive models with dyadic observations and limited dependent variables
    Estimation of total height, growth, and mortality of forest trees in Missouri
    Estradiol regulates multiple tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium currents in gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons: implications for cellular regulation of reproduction
    Estrogen receptor [alpha] and [beta] knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature female and male mice, and aromatase knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature male mice