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    Event-history mediator models of college attrition: risk goups and risk factors
    Ever towards the setting sun they push us: American Indian identity in the writings of Mary Alicia Owen
    The ever-evolving reporter: examining an organizational culture inspired effect on the psychological climate of television reporters in the digital age
    Everybody in and nobody out: opportunities, narrative, and the radical flank in the movement for single-payer health care reform
    Everybody loves "Sideways": patterns of consensus (and lack thereof) among movie critics in 2004
    The evidence and impact of role conflict on copy editors who work at companies that produce newspapers and websites
    Evidence of servant leadership in professional learning communities
    Evoking landscape practices through ethnographic fiction
    Evolution and religion: theory, definitions, and the natural selection of religious behavior
    The evolution of a beat: a case study of changes in environmental reporting from the 1970's to today as evident in coverage of three disastrous oil spills
    The evolution of Brassica crops and wild relatives: phylogenetics, development and domestication
    The evolution of sex difference in tool use
    Evolution of signal frequency in Neoconocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): a study of perceptual and environmental sources of selection
    Evolution of Soybean Knowledge Base
    The evolution of strategic communication at United States Forces Korea (USFK): an analysis of internal organizational strategies, 2008-2011
    The evolution of the French novel
    An evolutionary framework for matching geospatial object configurations
    An evolutionary method for training autoencoders for Deep Learning Networks
    An evolutionary perspective of the effects of emotion on the post-auricular reflex
    Evolutionary relationships and signatures of selection in cattle established using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms