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    Examining the role of Gbx1 in spinal cord development and its contribution to mammalian locomotion
    Examining the role of hardiness, race-related stress, and racial identity on psychological health outcomes of black college students
    Examining the role of the university environment, cultural congruity, social support, and self-efficacy on the academic persistence of black students attending predominantly white institutions and historically black colleges or universities
    Examining the technical adequacy of curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring in early numeracy using handheld technology
    Examining visual cognitive complexity in the context of online women's magazine home pages
    Exchange and settlement patterns as evidence for social stratification and developing complexity in prehistoric and early Christian Ireland
    Exercise and glycemic control in individuals with type 2 diabetes
    Exercise, FGF21, and PGC-1 : roles in hepatic metabolism
    Existence and construction of real-valued equiangular tight frames
    Expanding a TV measurement monopoly : Nielsens inclusion of new media subfields
    Expanding Our Understanding of Effective Entrepreneurship and Leadership Processes: An Application to the Wine Sector
    Expanding the description of facilitators of adult learning: workplace facilitator teaching styles, theories of action, and perspectives of teaching
    Expectation of p-norm of random matrices with heavy tails
    An expedition into the uncharted territory of modern Chinese men and masculinities
    Experience By Design: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of the Tarrant County College Fire Service Training Center, Fort Worth, Texas
    The experience of men who were managing symptoms of COPD
    The experience of rural children whose daily lives are limited by asthma
    The experience of young adults living with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
    Experience, awareness, and regulation of mixed emotions
    Experiences influencing physician rural practice and retention: a phenomenological study