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    Entrepreneurial leadership in higher education: Does the presidential career pathway make a difference?
    Entropy generation and thermal performance of a pulsating heat pipe
    Entry biases in Cournot markets with free entry
    Environmental analysis of pathology laboratory patient service centers: a pattern of language approach
    An environmental assessment of sensor-based variable-rate nitrogen management in corn
    Environmental discourse and cultural identity on American waterways: regional folklore, folk practice, and natural responsibility
    Environmental education in mid-Missouri: needs and constraints influencing field trip participation of K-8 teachers
    Environmental effects on subsurface defect detection in concrete structures using infrared thermography
    Environmental effects on subsurface defect detection in concrete without solar load
    The environmental health paradox: how combining public health with environmental protection may tip the balance in favor of public health programming
    Environmental implications of phosphate-based amendments in heavy metal contaminated alluvial soil
    Environmental preferences of users in co-located colleges
    Environmental risk factors and risky sexual behavior outcomes: attitudes as a mediating factor
    Eph/Ephrin signalling in skeletal muscle development and regeneration
    The ephemeroptera, plecoptera, and trichoptera of Missouri state parks with notes on biomonitoring, mesohabitat associations, and distribution
    Epistemic democracy and political legitimacy
    Epistemic duties and blameworthiness for belief
    Epistemic Virtue and Knowledge Attribution
    Equilibrium limitations and selectivity on conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol
    Equity measures of the Missouri SB287 school funding formula