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    Elevating the news :
    Elite defection and legitimacy in democratic revolutions: a comparative case study of Serbia, Ukraine, and Iran
    The elite press, the Bush administration, and Iraq: ideology confines scrutiny in the Post and the Times
    Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography
    Elucidating the roles of the ATP7A copper transporter in cultured cells, tumor growth and metastasis
    Embedded system design and power-rate-distortion optimization for video encoding under energy constraints
    Emergence and control of horseweed (Conyza canadensis)
    Emergence pattern of Amaranthus spp. and impact on growth and reproduction
    Emerging Adults Views about Couple and Personal Satisfaction in Various Gender Role Relationships
    Emerging adults' views about couple and personal satisfaction in various gender role relationships
    Emerging donors: the reliability and validity of the survey of women's philanthropic motivations (SWPM)
    Emerging faith boundaries: bridge-building, inclusion, and the emerging church movement in America
    Eminent domain
    eMINTS National Center program evaluation for the eMINTS National Center and eMINTS National Center participants
    Emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane from duckweed systems for stormwater treatment
    The emotional and cognitive processing of negative news photographs
    Emotional and cognitive processing of traffic safety messages
    Emotional labor in early intervention
    Emotional modulation by food rewards: blink and pinna-flexion reflex amplitude while anticipating and viewing images of food
    Empirical Analyses of Dynamic Categorical Data