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    Minimal resolutions for a class of Gorenstein determinantal ideals
    Minimum surfaces
    Mining host-pathogen interaction from biomedical literature
    Mining progressive user behavior for e-commerce using virtual reality technique
    Misogyny on the web: comparing negative reader comments made to men and women who publish political commentary online
    A missense mutation in Atf2 in standard poodles with fatal neonatal encephalopathy
    Missouri general education assessment: Examination of teacher candidate scores and predictor variables
    Missouri high-growth business owners and/or decision makers participation in continuing business education programs
    Missouri higher education reform: moving up on the public policy agenda
    Missouri kindergarten teachers' perceptions of early childhood experiences
    The Missouri Multicultural Counseling Interests (MMCI) Scale: factor analysis, validation, and reliability
    Missouri superintendents' perception of a sense of urgency to improve student academic performance
    Missouri's hidden Civil War: financial conspiracy and the decline of the planter elite, 1861-1865
    Mistaking artifice for reality
    Mitigation of effects from heat stress by Artemisia species
    Mitochondrial ancient DNA analysis of Lawson cave black bears (Ursus americanus)
    Mitochondrial complex I protein is related to residual feed intake in beef cattle
    Mitochondrial DNA insertions in the nuclear genomes of maize (Zea mays ssp. mays)
    A mixed methods evaluation of a tool assessing Adult Learning Theory content in EHR training
    A mixed methods study identifying reoccurring themes in policies and processes in grow your own teacher recruitment and retention programs