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    Mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle satellite cell cycle progression
    Mechanistic inhibition studies of SARS-CoV replication and entry
    Media and social support: exploring how communication media, personality traits and parasocial interaction affect social support receipt, stress and emotion
    The media and the global-liberation movement :
    Media and the global-liberation movement : the magazine framing of the 2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Group of 20 protesters
    Media assistance M&E and democratization measurement characteristics in USAID program reporting documents
    Media coverage of six-party talks: a comparative study on media content and journalists' perceptions
    Media coverage of the adoption of electronic health records: a content analysis of local and national print newspapers and press releases
    Media coverage of the new economy
    Media framing and conflict: a content analysis of the South Korean hostage case
    Media performance and democratic rule in East Africa: agenda setting and agenda building influences on public attitudes
    Media usage of journalism students of the University of Missouri--Columbia
    Media use amongst American expatriates in South Korea
    Mediaeval student life
    A mediated moderation model of bulimic symptoms among college women
    The mediated myth of rock and roll
    Mediating and moderating factors that affect health journalists' perceptions of conflict issues
    Mediating indigenous geographies: a discourse analysis of Chickasaw media
    A mediation model of the impact of for- and non-profit environmental advertising
    The medieval English begging poem