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    Bacteriophage display selections of ovarian cancer avid peptides [1]
    The balance between plant immunity and development: interactions of SRFR1 and TCP transcription factors [1]
    Bat occupancy of forests and managed savanna and woodland in the Missouri Ozark Region [1]
    Bayesian analysis of hierarchical IRT models: comparing and combining the unidimensional & multi-unidimensional IRT models [1]
    A Bayesian Approach to Demand Forecasting [1]
    Bayesian fMRI data analysis and Bayesian optimal design [1]
    Bayesian lasso for random intercept factor model [1]
    Bayesian non-linear methods for survival analysis and structural equation models [1]
    Bayesian random intercept slope factor model for longitudinal twin data [1]
    Becoming a feminist director in the academy [1]
    Beef chuck muscle isolation has no effect on premium ground beef programs [1]
    Behavioral and physiological phenotype of the viable yellow mouse (AVY/a) [1]
    "Behind closed doors": a feminist analysis of senior citizen sexual communication [1]
    Beowulf [1]
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea(m): a case study exploring the borders between work and life domains described by women in the U.S. apparel industry [1]
    Beyond desire: deconstructing teacher discourse in the Philippines under the American regime, 1907-1911 [1]
    Beyond political differences: the influence of exposure to disagreements and the mediating role of emotional responses on selective exposure [1]
    Bioinformatics analysis and prediction of protein phosphorylation and other posttranslational modifications [1]
    Bioinformatics methods for protein identification using peptide mass fingerprinting data [1]
    Biological characteristics of Katahdin sheep selected for footrot resistance [1]