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    Cafe, culture, and community: re-establishing a sense of place in Little Havana's Calle Ocho [1]
    Calculating information leakage using model checking tools [1]
    Campus climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer undergraduate students at the University of Missouri: a qualitative study [1]
    Campus recreation directors' leadership to provide professional assistance to help students obtain professional and graduate assistant positions [1]
    Can 16-month-old infants make transitive inferences? [1]
    Can sixteen month old infants make transitive inferences? [1]
    Canine pharmacodynamic assays: applications in immune-mediated disease [1]
    Capitular morphology in primates and fossils: 3-D measurements of the capitulum and possible implications for reconstructing locomotor adaptations in fossil primates [1]
    The Care of the Dependent Classes in Columbia, Missouri [1]
    Career counselor's assessment of client problems: toward the development of a career development problem taxonomy for women [1]
    Career decision learning experiences : development and validation of a scale [1]
    A Case of Uncertainty In the Vertical Integration Decision [1]
    A case study of an elementary principal's use of multi-framed discourse [1]
    Case study of interactive digital forms on orthopedic patient satisfaction and score [1]
    A case study of international students' goals for academic writing [1]
    A case study of leadership behaviors in a high poverty successful school [1]
    A case study of leadership traits of award-winning Missouri elementary principals from 2002 to 2013 [1]
    Case study of normal and high glucose laden cell response to cellular phone radiation using GTEM cell [1]
    A case study of northwest Missouri state legislators' perceptions of the Missouri Teacher Tenure Act [1]
    A case study of NPR music [1]