• Action research on the letter as genre : an examination of both external and internal goals for the course and its students 

    Simpson, Joseph (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    This thesis project investigates a recently taught Honors split-level course taught at the University of Missouri through the lens and influence of Action Research, investigating the course's impact on instructors and students.
  • The borderlands : living between archetypes in young adult Chicana literature 

    Morlock, Suzanne (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    This thesis focuses on two models for Chicana womanhood, which are the La Virgen de Guadalupe archetype and the La Malinche archetype. They are both mythic figures in Mexican culture that are diametrically opposed to one ...
  • Browning and the Florentine Renaissance 

    Major, Mabel Irmyn (University of Missouri, 1917)
    There seem to me to be three distinct causes Why Florence rather than any of the other city states was the center of the Italian Renaissance. The first of these is that she preserved her popular government long enough to ...
  • A cinema of confrontation : using a material-semiotic approach to better account for the history and theorization of 1970s independent American horror 

    Montgomery, Court (University of Missouri--ColumbiaUniversity of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    In The Films in My Life, Francois Truffaut describes how "cinematic success" results from a fragile, temporary confluence of elements: the director, the film itself, and its audience, but also critical reception, marketing, ...
  • Courtly anger, beastly violence, and the animal-affective prosthetic 

    Thomas, Curtis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    This project is an examination of four medieval romances that feature human-animal contact: Marie de France's Lai of Bisclavret, the Latin Narratio de Arthuro Rege Britanniae et Rege Gorlagon lycanthropo, Chretien de Troyes' ...
  • "The Dead, the dead, the dead" : encountering loss in Civil War poetry 

    Mitchell, Karah M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    This Master's thesis presents a detailed examination of the ways in which Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Whitman struggled to incorporate the Civil War's mass death into their respective poetic oeuvres, ultimately ...
  • Medieval death trip 

    Lane, Patrick (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    This dissertation presents two related works, one creative non-fiction and the other fiction, that engage in representing and adapting medieval texts. The non-fiction work consists of annotated transcripts of twelve episodes ...
  • Narrative as archive : ethno-historical paratexts in British literature, 1760-1830 

    Knezevich, Ruth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Narrative as Archive contributes to the small-but-growing body of scholarship on paratexts -- specifically footnotes -- in imaginative literatures of late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century Britain. I argue that these ...
  • Sleep and affect in Old English poetry 

    Songstad, Nicole (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    A long-standing topic of discussion in Anglo-Saxon Studies has been the definition and conceptualization of the mind and mental activities in Anglo-Saxon literature and culture. Most recently, the discussion has circulated ...
  • The theology of Lancelot Andrewes's Wonderfull Combate 

    Knapp, Travis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    Since his death in 1626, Lancelot Andrewes has been constantly interpreted as a "Caroline divine." This misleading interpretation (Andrewes was alive for only 18 months of Charles reign -- he preached more commonly in front ...